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News, analysis, and updates covering air freight, air cargo, expedited freight, hot shot trucking and more.

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FMCSA and State Shutdowns Grow as COVID-19 Situation Remains Fluid

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AirFreight.com: Your Expedited Air Freight Partner For the Modern Era

Boeing Freighters Prepared For Increased Air Freight Demand

Air Advances: 2017 Ends With Strong Sign Of Air Freight Growth

The Hybrid Airship: Lockheed's Latest Advance In Air Freight Tech

Impressive Air Freight growth at Chicago Rockford International

Air Freight Demand continues to soar

International Air Freight volume shows sharp increase in September

July sees strong growth in air freight demand

FedEx announces long-term air freight deal with Atlas Air

DFW becomes the first carbon neutral airport in North America

Top 25 Global Air Freight carriers show 4.3% growth in demand in 2015

Air Freight demand continues to grow in Texas

Rescued lions return home to South Africa via an air cargo charter flight

FAA study projects healthy growth for Air Freight industry

Air Freight and Air Charters soaring at Edmonton International Airport

Global Air Freight numbers show an impressive January

Record growth in Air Freight at Reno-Tahoe International

Boeing provides a potential glimpse of the future of Air Freight

Exclusive Content and Invitation to the Cold Chain Canada Summit

New study projects healthy global air freight growth over the coming years

Future Plans for Cold Chain focus on Air Freight

Bombardier given financial lifeline in pursuit of CSeries jets

Air Freight markets show growth in September

US airlines meet with government about air freight subsidies

DHL expansion underlines growth in U.S. Air Freight demand

Chicago's O'Hare leads domestic airports seeing double digit growth

New air freight facility opens at Hamilton international airport

Air Freight news update volume ten

Paris Air Show leaves air freight industry buoyant about the future

New aircraft projections from Boeing indicate strong growth

New construction at Honolulu Airport will improve air freight services

Global air freight market experiences a slower yet more diversified April

Could the future of air freight include unmanned cargo aircraft?

St. Louis edges closer to approval of new air freight development project

Air Freight news update volume nine

Changing air freight market sees Thai Airways cease freighter service

Air Freight news update volume eight

Top 5 U.S. Airports for Air Freight tonnage in 2014

IATA reports a mixed set of global air freight market results to open 2015

Domestic air freight award goes to Southwest Airlines for 15th year

IATA director highlights 3 key goals for global air freight industry

Airline mergers have changed the face of domestic air freight

Air Freight news update volume seven

Port settlement reached, demand for urgent freight services escalates

Honda, Toyota and Nissan turn to air freight as supply chain impacted

Ongoing port dispute leaves more seeking air freight services

Air Freight news update volume six

Final 2014 IATA Air Freight data shows 4.5 percent growth

The Airbus Beluga continues to transport the largest air freight

Would LA/Ontario International Airport sale improve air freight results?

Air Freight news update volume five

Emirates SkyCargo returns to 'all in pricing' for air freight

Boeing 777F orders demonstrate growth in air freight market

Air Freight news update volume four

November results help pave optimism for air freight performance in 2015

Seattle Air Freight tonnage increase in part due to port slowdown

Air Freight news update volume three

October IATA data shows solid air freight totals for October

New US/Mexico Air Freight agreement will also impact domestic market

Retailers look to air freight solutions as port delays continue

Air Freight news update volume two

Optimistic Air Freight future theme of the Cargo Facts Symposium

Could JFK International Air Freight operations be moving 60 miles upstate?

Air Freight news update volume one

IATA Air Cargo projections show global and North American growth

Boeing projections show healthy future for air cargo market

Healthy global Air Freight statistics highlight most recent ACI report

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