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For domestic and international air freight Hawaii is uniquely situated and deeply dependent on air cargo services and the growth in this arena continues. Located over 2,000 miles from the U.S. west coast and almost 3,900 miles from Japan, Honolulu International Airport is a key ecomonic hub for the islands.

Aloha Air Cargo are about to complete construction of a new $14 million facility at the airport which will include a large air cargo warehouse. Overall the facility measures in at 115,000 square feet and will also be the home to the company's corporate headquarters. It's an exciting new development for the airport as it marks the final phase of a construction project that commenced in 2013.

Air Freight HawaiiOverall, Honolulu International Airport has seen major redevelopment in recent years as part of Hawaii's $739 million project for expansion and improvements. Aloha's existing air freight facility is scheduled to be closed and demolished over the coming twelve months as the operations are moved over. The demolition of that building also facilitates the widening of taxiways at the airport.

Aloha Airlines' new base will be a multi-purpose building and in addition to office space and air cargo operation will include an engine shop and maintenance facilities. All of this development will help the airline and the airport continue to build and improve upon air freight services into and out of Honolulu.

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