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How Companies Are Saving Valuable Time by Using Air Cargo Services

Efficient airfreight services are vital when your company’s products must be delivered over long distances within a short period of time. Airfreight transportation is also extremely helpful if an organization needs to obtain specific parts, tools, or necessary items quickly from various suppliers in multiple locations

Air cargo services are the most reliable, safest, and fastest method of transit compared to other types of surface transportation. So why should your business use air cargo services to save valuable time and resources? 

1. There’s no downtime.

There’s no downtime when items are sent or picked up using airfreight, which means that your valuable inventory won’t waste time sitting in a storage facility or warehouse. Additionally, shipments and pickups made through companies such as AirFreight can reach virtually any location in North America within just a few hours. 

This quick turnaround helps air cargo operators and ground handlers expedite the shipping process, making them much more efficient with your cargo. Because your inventory stays on the same plane during the entire duration of its journey, it’s also handled less. This means there’s a much lower chance of a shipment getting lost or damaged since it’s not getting loaded, unloaded, and stored numerous times. 

Customers also have the convenience of working with a single point of contact during the entire shipping process, which means they speak to the same expeditor each time they call and don’t have to repeat their account information during each phone call. Real-time tracking updates and alerts are also sent to their mobile devices via text message or email, so they know where their shipment is at all times.

2. Travel is fast.

Air cargo services are the only type of freight delivery capable of traveling long distances within short periods of time. Air cargo services will select the quickest and most optimal route for your shipment’s journey, analyzing weather patterns and current air traffic to determine the best route. Identifying multiple paths to the intended destination will ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time—even when faced with unexpected delays or severe weather conditions. 

When utilizing airfreight, businesses don’t have to worry about ground-related travel disruptions such as traffic delays, road construction, or auto accidents that could potentially add hours to a delivery or pickup. 

Multiple air transportation options—air cargo, airfreight, and air charter—can accommodate a wide variety of shipment sizes and even the tightest deadlines. Each plane is also vetted to ensure it meets the strictest capacity and safety standards. 

3. You get quick service.

Air cargo services such as AirFreight offer the convenience of fast service. Once the size and capacity of your shipment are determined, they go to work immediately, selecting the fastest, most cost-effective mode of air transit to pick up or deliver your goods. Once you’ve utilized their services, your account information is stored securely in their customer base. The next time you need a shipment delivered, they’ll have immediate access to your account details, saving you valuable time. 

4. You can send your freight almost anywhere.

As supply chain shortages continue across the U.S., more businesses are turning to alternative North American suppliers in Mexico or Canada. Luckily, both countries are easily accessible by flight. Additionally, airfreight doesn’t face the same limitations that ground transit or expedited ground travel can encounter, such as slow traffic, ground weather issues, road closures, and more. 

Traveling above congested or heavily trafficked areas allows air cargo to reach difficult or distant delivery points that other methods of transportation cannot access. 

Start meeting tight deadlines with air cargo services. 

AirFreight.com can help get your shipments where they need to be when they need to be there. Contact us for a free quote today.

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