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Who We Serve - Oil and Gas Industry / Petroleum Industry

Who We Serve - Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest sectors in the world from a purely dollar value standpoint, generating nearly $5 trillion in global revenue as of 2022.

Oil is vital for global economic growth and expansion, impacting everything from transportation, heating and electricity, industrial production, and manufacturing. Typically the petroleum supply chain is divided into three segments: upstream, midstream, and downstream – each with its own specific challenges and requirements for exploration, transport and distribution.

Oil and Gas Shipping

Consider for a moment a few of the fuels and petroleum-based products we depend on for modern living:

  • Jet fuel, vehicle fuel, heating oil, diesel oil, natural gas, and fuel for electrical power generation
  • Asphalt, plastics and various synthetic materials, petrochemicals for fertilizer and antifreeze, pharmaceuticals, CD’s, DVD’s and lipstick, and even petroleum clothing fibers such as polyester

Industry Statistics


Year a single, unplanned shutdown can release a year’s worth of emissions into the atmosphere


The equivalent of 3.65 days offline, is a $5 million dollar impact to offshore operations


Average cost of a power plant shutdown per hour


Million average annual impact to offshore oil and gas organizations for unplanned downtime

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Oil Industry Systems

Producing crude oil and its derivative products comes with significant challenges, so optimizing production systems is a major priority for the oil industry.

Maximizing production efficiency and reducing the costs of extraction and refining helps offset the costs of exploration. As a result, oil companies try to extend the life of mature sites but must also seek out new sources of oil and gas. To lower operating costs, they try to achieve 100 percent reliability of their plants with no unplanned shutdowns. Equipment components used in the oil and gas industry must be carefully engineered to reflect extremely demanding operating conditions for both efficient operations and safety. From these criteria alone, you can begin to see the logistical difficulties in maintaining a stable supply chain and why having the right third party logistics provider (3PL) can be the difference between success or failure.

Oil and Gas Supply Chain

Challenges in the upstream sector of oil and gas industry can creep into any part of the supply chain.

This can create problems that impact other aspects of production, whether it is the delivery of drilling materials such as mud, water or sand; transporting produced oil or gas from the field to its targeted location; or getting workers to remote locations equipped with the supplies they need to do their jobs and to sustain life and protect health. This requires both expertise and equipment that many third-party logistics companies simply cannot provide. If you are faced with a potential plant shut down or pipeline crisis, you need a 3PL who can move your parts and equipment safely and securely, while meeting your most stringent deadlines. Your 3PL partner for the oil and gas sector is absolutely AirFreight.com.

Oil and Gas Production

Challenges to oil and gas production.

The oil and gas industry confronts shortages and delays in everything from trucks, electronics, pumps and skilled workers to gloves, pipes, valves, cranes, chemicals, and cement. Logistics issues have reduced access to components made out of materials like stainless steel and titanium, submersible pumps that boost well pressures, and other specialized equipment. Lead-times for certain drilling equipment can be so far out that some companies have resorted to cannibalizing parts from idled rigs to keep operating ones running. Since equipment failure is one of the biggest causes of oil and gas production downtime, one small piece of the puzzle can stop everything. If ordered parts are not received in time, a producer could lose an important contract. Losses compound exponentially with the delay or loss of oil capacity or the idling of plants for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. An experienced 3PL like AirFreight.com, who understands the oil and gas sector, can help minimize your downtime with creative freight solutions. Now let’s talk about why equipment matters.

Oil and Gas Equipment

Under pressure: Special equipment requirements.

Equipment components used in the oil and gas industry need to be carefully engineered to support demanding and often brutal operating conditions. They need to meet these challenges to ensure both efficient operations and safety. With requirements like this, working with the right 3PL provider like AirFreight.com who can flex with your needs when situations and requirements change is absolutely critical. Oil rig drill bits, casing and drill pipes are heavy and must be handled with care. These projects are built on tight timelines and budgets, and oil companies risk millions in unexpected costs and possibly fines if there are delays anywhere in the production process.

One of the biggest equipment challenges is dealing with corrosion. Due to the extreme environments materials are exposed to within oil and gas extraction and refinement, corrosion is inevitable. Not only are external conditions corrosive – like placement in sea water or high operating temperatures – but the product being carried or processed also contains corrosive elements. These all contribute towards metal degradation over time, leading to a decline in a material’s strength. If left untreated, corrosion can cause huge problems – including equipment failure, which means a costly halt to production. If this happens, you need a 3PL who can get parts to anywhere in North America when you need them.

Challenging Conditions

These are just a few of the challenging conditions equipment in the oil and gas industry face every day.

High Temperatures

High Temperatures

Components must operate during prolonged exposure to temperatures ranging up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without failure.

High Pressure

High Pressure

Components need to maintain performance in extremely high-pressure operating conditions.

Caustic Chemicals

Caustic Chemicals

Components must resist chronic exposure from cleaning agents without compromising performance.

Abrasive Environments

Abrasive Environments

Components need to stand up to prolonged exposure to abrasion without compromising performance or lifespan.



Parts absolutely cannot afford to fail, as premature or unplanned failure comes with financial risk and real danger. Additionally, many of these components are deep inside complex machinery that are not easy to reach for routine maintenance.

Don’t let these conditions cause your oil pumps or pipelines to sit idle waiting for equipment or parts. When you work with AirFreight.com, you immediately get access to a fleet of right-sized, properly equipped and staffed aircraft and vehicles ready and able to haul your toughest equipment when and where you need it.

Helping you keep oil flowing

By having the right plans, parts, people and logistics partner like AirFreight.com, you can effectively mitigate plant or pump downtime, unscheduled disruptions and equipment failures. Here’s how we do it.

Air Charter

Air Charter

Private flights on a AirFreight.com air charter provide the exclusivity and speed you need to hit those critical deadlines. Air charters offer complete shipment flexibility from departure time to final destination. Air charters are one of the fastest shipping options available and include in-flight tracking, so you’ll always know the status of your parts shipment. We have access to some of the largest cargo aircraft in North America – including helicopters, so if it fits, it flies.

Scheduled Flights

Scheduled Flights

This involves reserving space on a scheduled flight that carries cargo for multiple customers or booking it on the next flight out. For long-term shipping plans, scheduling same-day air services ensures regular access to critical freight capacity from any starting point. Scheduled flights are economical, predictable, and use both commercial passenger and freighter aircraft from major airlines at most airports across the country. If your shipping timeline is too compressed or unpredictable to wait for scheduled or next flight out air service, you still have options.

Ground Expedite

Ground Expedite

Before your oil production system gets back online, the parts have to travel by ground – at least part of the way. Ground expedite service from AirFreight.com includes everything from Sprinter vans, small and large straight trucks, up to 53-foot tractor trailer delivery teams or other specialized equipment. We’ll pick up your shipment, deliver it to the airport, then receive it at the other end – providing hand-carried service as necessary or required.

Enjoy concierge level service

With AirFreight.com, you can always expect the same topflight service from start to finish.

Free Freight Quotes

Always free freight quotes

AirFreight.com offers efficient and effective solutions across a wide range of service options. No prior account is needed to get started. Just call us at (800) 713-1000 or enter your order online. All costs are listed without any hidden fees, so you know up front how much you will pay.


Customized solutions

We do all the logistical legwork to find the best solution for your specific situation. It might mean an exclusive air charter, or perhaps expedited ground shipping that still gets your critical parts to its destination on time.

Steve from Air Freight describing services

Real-time tracking

Lost or delayed parts can cripple a repair schedule, driving up costs. AirFreight.com uses the latest tracking technology to always know where your shipment is, and our team is happy to give you updates whenever you need them. We are proactively engaged with your shipment, monitoring air traffic, inclement weather, connecting flight cancellations, road construction and congested streets.

AirFreight.com Agents on runway with plane

Constant contact

Want status on your parts? Our team is always available to answer your questions, provide an update on your shipment’s location, and take new instructions 24/7/365. Call us any time.

Dedicated Agent

Experienced expeditors

With AirFreight.com, you’ll work with the same expeditor from start to finish, ensuring consistent communication, eliminating misunderstandings, and improving the quality of your entire shipping experience. That’s why some of the largest names in the oil and gas sector trust AirFreight.com to meet their urgent shipping deadlines.

Oil and Gas Shipping Services

We develop plans that guarantee shipping services are supported by time-effective options whether the final destination is a major air hub, a regional airport, or even a remote airstrip.

Delivering your freight with little or no notice is what we do every day, regardless of size or urgency. It's why we count companies from the energy, automotive, and construction sectors among our frequent customers. AirFreight.com also offers trucking services for large cargo that defies conventional packaging and traditional delivery vehicles. There is no limitation on a shipment’s size, weight or dimensions – including mega-sized equipment, non-standard dimension machinery, over-sized and awkward, delicate and fragile, palletized or pressurized. We dispatch the exact type of carrier you need with a driver thoroughly trained in its safe operation.

Oil and Gas Logistics

Choosing the right logistics partner is a critical business decision.

Choosing the right logistics partner is a critical business decision. With AirFreight.com, experience the peace of mind and confidence that comes from an expert delivery plan, and working with a dedicated expeditor from start to finish. For more information, contact us today at (800) 713-1000 and let us help you get back online!

Industries We Serve

Aviation & Aerospace

Every moment a commercial airliner sits on the ground, it costs an airline money. Expedited freight services by AirFreight.com can get you back in the air with the prompt delivery of parts and equipment throughout North America.
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Because one shipping delay can snowball and cause delays throughout your entire project, you need an experienced 3PL provider who understands the construction industry and has the logistical reach to deliver your freight on time, anywhere. That 3PL partner is AirFreight.com.
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The consequences from lost power production are serious for any business. Equipment failure is one of the biggest causes of energy production downtime. Losses compound exponentially with delay, loss of energy capacity, or the idling of plants for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. Whether it's a hydroelectric power station or solar farm, you need a 3PL provider who can move your parts and equipment safely and securely while meeting your most stringent deadlines.

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Farming & Food

Food processors can lose a significant percentage—up to 20% or more—of production capacity due to unplanned downtime. With processing plants running 16-20 hours a day, the hourly cost of a shutdown can reach up to $30,000 per hour. Get back online with the parts you need expedited by AirFreight.com.
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Every moment a manufacturing facility or factory sits idle costs a company money due to the high costs involved in lost sales and lost customers. With many manufacturers building to just-in-time production rates, any disruption threatens parts and vehicle inventories. This is where the speed, expertise, and experience of freight services from AirFreight.com make a difference throughout the entire manufacturing supply chain.
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Renewables & Environment

Wind turbines can be as tall as an 85-story building with a blade radius of an acre. Transporting just one wind turbine can take up to nine separate shipments. Solar equipment includes sensitive electronics and glass that are easily subject to damage. Constructing one solar panel requires nearly 40 different components, including precious metals, that need to get to the factory on time. With requirements like this, it's critical to work with the right 3PL provider that can flex with your needs when situations and requirements change.
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During downtime, retailers experience lost sales with the inability to process credit cards, access customer purchasing history, or locate items in stock at a distribution center or another retail location. Don’t let unexpected downtime due to point-of-sale equipment failures impact your brand or frustrate your customers. If you can’t serve your customers, your competition will!
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Unexpected IT downtime can bring down even the largest businesses—just ask airlines when their reservation systems go offline. The importance of e-commerce, online sales, and the computing infrastructure that supports it makes getting systems and servers up and running even more critical. With 98% of organizations reporting that a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000, you can’t afford a slow logistics partner.
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With today’s broken supply chains, even companies that specialize in logistics find themselves needing help. We provide an expansive network of expedited air and ground shipping options to make the trip in the air, to and from the airport, or complete the entire delivery on the ground. Through these resources and our centralized planning operations, we help 3PL providers overcome all the challenges of their industry.
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