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Air Cargo Services from Airfreight.com

As a world-class provider of air cargo services, Airfreight.com is serious about your entire shipping experience.

We provide an integrated network of air and ground transport options that give you the widest range of air cargo choices – all without having to make multiple calls to find the best rates. Your shipment size and speed requirements are matched to the perfect aircraft, eliminating waste and reducing expenses. If your deadline does not support using a scheduled flight, your shipment can fly via a dedicated air cargo charter service. From the moment you call until after your shipment reaches its final destination, you can trust Airfreight.com to deliver your freight, high quality and superior customer service – every time.

Getting It There

A strong logistics chain is the foundation for every successful air cargo delivery. Airfreight.com unlocks this competitive advantage for you through its experienced expediters, business longevity, relationships in the industry, advanced freight tracking technologies, and an extensive network of vehicles and airline partners.

Air Cargo

As a premier air cargo delivery service, Airfrieght.com ensures your shipping success with these essential components:

  • Safety – Supplies, parts and finished products must arrive in perfect condition
  • Speed – Through multiple transportation channels across the globe, country, or the city next door, seamlessly
  • Accessibility – With dedicated 24/7/365 customer service and detailed air cargo tracking information, regardless of the size of your freight
  • Convenience – Request shipping via phone or online with easy, straightforward instructions and understandable terms and conditions
  • Economical – Ship your air cargo without breaking the bottom line by selecting from an extensive selection of services to fit your budget

Airfreight.com utilizes express shipping by air, allowing us to complete any air cargo delivery globally or within the United States and Canada in a matter of hours. Instead of maintaining our own aviation fleet, we coordinate the services of multiple cargo airlines to get your freight wherever you need it to be. This is the logistical strength and knowhow Airfreight.com provides across all of its services. We dive deep into air cargo schedules and have an in-depth understanding of global cargo routes. We investigate each airline carefully, ensuring they have the skills and resources to keep our clients’ items safe from start to finish. These critical business partnerships benefit our customers through competitive rates, superior service, and most importantly – getting to the destination on time with your air cargo safe and secure. No matter how tight a client’s deadline or how delicate the items they’re shipping, we have the resources and expertise to deliver them anytime, anywhere.

By Air

Air Cargo Shipment

If you want the confidence and peace of mind that comes with our hands-on approach to air cargo shipping, let Airfreight.com do the heavy lifting. We are the experts in freight expediting. Along with freight shipping via air, we also offer total ground shipping services.

We track your air cargo from the clouds to the customer’s doorstep, this way there is total transparency in scheduling critical air freight. Stay on target with your shipping and fulfillment deadlines by choosing Airfreight.com’s air cargo shipping.

These are some of the services we provide:

Scheduled Flights

This type of same day delivery involves reserving space on a flight that regularly travels between two destinations and carries cargo for multiple customers. If you are making long-term plans for your company, scheduling same day air services ensures you will have regular access to critical freight from any starting point. Scheduled flights are economical, predictable, and use both commercial passenger and freighter aircraft from major airlines at most airports across the country.

Next Day Air Cargo and Next Flight Out

For those air freight demands that are of the utmost priority, we offer next flight out (NFO) shipping services. Combat crunch time while keeping your customers satisfied with either of these air cargo options. Whether you need to ship mission-critical medical supplies or paper products for an international trade show, our air cargo department is ready to assist you. We handle air freight shipments in every sector and industry. Contact our air cargo experts today to learn just how fast we can transport your air freight.

Air Charter for Critical Freight Services

By selecting our air cargo charter services for critical freight, you can overcome all odds in getting your shipment delivered. We focus on fragile freight, highly valuable cargo, time-critical freight and everything in-between. This includes handling scheduled one-off air services, emergency air shipping, and specialized storing methods. Air charters are ideal for those extra-large cargo shipments that must arrive on time on a very compressed schedule. We'll partner with you to determine the very best air charter option to meet your delivery objectives - and monitor the shipment every step of the way. With an air charter you get:

  • Exclusive use of the optimum aircraft matched to your shipment's needs, from turboprops to jumbo jets 
  • The quickest shipment method available, period
  • Our industry expertise to match your shipment to the rightsized aircraft
  • Virtually zero limitations on shipment size
  • Around the clock availability, support and coverage
  • Onboard courier or air cargo chaperone services
  • Our global network to ship to and from anywhere on the planet
Call (800) 713-1000

By Land

Airfreight.com provides the same outstanding performance, coordinated logistics, tracking and customer service for its ground transportation as it does for its air cargo services. Let your emergency situation become our business as usual. We handle your freight’s entire trip from pickup to takeoff, landing and delivery to its final destination. Our expeditors are each extremely well-versed in providing customized, efficient, overnight freight solutions paired with the support and tracking throughout the shipping process.

Ground Cargo

In any delivery situation, having options and executing to a plan are critical to logistical success. That’s why ground cargo service by Airfreight.com is your go-to solution when it absolutely has to be there tomorrow, on time. Delivered by road, on a right-sized, cost effective, dedicated vehicle with a two-person driving team – your shipment is the only freight onboard. With no transfers or cross docking, transit time is reduced, the potential for damage decreases, and your overnight freight is tracked by satellite all the way to your customer’s door, dock or deck.

We have over 50,000 expedited freight vehicles ready to go nationwide, from Sprinter vans to full-sized tractor trailers. Vehicle freight payload capacities can range anywhere from 2,000 to 44,000 pounds, with decks, doors and beds to accommodate almost any sized freight. All utilize the latest logistics technology to maintain speed and efficiency while using satellite tracking technology to ensure you know the status of your delivery every step of the way. With real-time delivery updates and 24-hour customer support and service, you know your shipment will get there – when and where you need it.

For those desperately needed back orders, orders that shipped short, or parts needed for emergency repairs, there are many overnight services to choose from, including:

  • Overnight first available
  • Overnight early a.m.
  • Overnight by 12:00 p.m.
  • Standard overnight by 5:00 p.m.

If overnight by ground is not possible, the driver will safely deliver it to the nearest airport for an overnight air cargo flight to a waiting vehicle at the other end. If there is not a commercial flight that meets your schedule, your agent can charter an airplane where your freight is the only piece of cargo onboard.

Every day, we work with many different transportation specialists who are able to move any sized freight safely and securely. We're not restricted by weight limitations and can deliver your machinery, equipment and parts across the country, state or to the other side of the country. We will pick-up, hold or deliver your freight according to your specific scheduling requirements while helping you meet critical deadlines.

Getting it there same day is no good if it is damaged, so we only use experienced personnel with the right equipment, every time. Whether it is a regular shipment across town, across the country, or an emergency expedite request burning a hole in your production schedule, Airfreight.com is your solution on the ground and in the clouds.

Wrapping Up


Successful deliveries are only achieved through careful, detailed planning. We work with you to develop a last-mile delivery plan that guarantees same day air-cargo or ground services are supported by cost-effective options whether the final destination is a home, a business or even the middle of nowhere.

Choosing the right air cargo shipping partner is a critical business decision. With Airfreight.com, experience the trust and peace of mind that comes from an expert delivery plan and working with a dedicated expeditor from start to finish. For more information, contact us today at (800) 713-1000. We look forward to working with you as your complete logistics provider partner!

Founded in 2010 by Dan Boaz as part of The Expedited Group, Airfreight.com began changing the air cargo landscape by using the Internet and other advanced tracking technologies to increase customer confidence, convenience and quality. The Expedited Group is a privately held company with corporate offices located in Newport Beach, California.

For more information, please contact us at (800) 713-1000.

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Call (800) 713-1000

Call (800) 713-1000