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5 Reasons AirFreight.com Needs to Be Your Go-To Shipping Partner

Shipping emergencies don’t happen every day, but when they do happen, you don’t want to be scrambling to find a solution when productivity or thousands in revenue are on the line. That’s why it’s important that you find an expedited freight delivery company that values your money and time and can be a long-term partner.

Especially today, current supply chain disruptions and retail shortages across the globe are leading even the most well-prepared companies to find themselves facing problems they’ve never previously experienced.

If you’re a warehouse, plant, or factory manager, it’s important to have a plan and know who to turn to in worst-case scenarios. Here are five advantages that AirFreight.com offers over other shipping services:

1. Save time with immediate service.

As soon as you contact AirFreight.com to send or pick up a shipment, an expeditor begins working and gathering data immediately. As they receive more information, they get to work immediately, which includes exploring the best price options and plane for the job, analyzing relevant traffic or weather conditions, and identifying the most accessible and quickest routes. With AirFreight.com, you can count on spending less time waiting around for answers you need quickly.

2. Avoid dealing with call centers.

The same expeditor communicates with you throughout the entire shipping process, from pickup to delivery, and they’re available at any time, 24/7/365. That means no unnecessary wait times contacting a customer support center. There are also no frustrating transfers to multiple agents while waiting for the information or tracking updates you need. 

3. Get one point of contact dedicated to you and your shipment. 

Your single point of contact vets each plane carefully to ensure that it has the capacity and resources to protect and haul your shipment from pickup to delivery. That means your shipment gets to where it needs to be quickly and without any surprises. The best part? AirFreight.com offers straightforward payment options with no hidden delivery fees, helping you get the best and most competitive rate available.

4. Feel confident your shipment will be safe.

Any damage that occurs during the shipping process is unacceptable and may not be usable when received. That’s why AirFreight.com upholds the strictest safety standards in all of its deliveries using secure packing, protecting pallets and items from damage. 

Shipments made using AirFreight.com are also handled less, which means that the inventory is much less likely to be handled poorly or carelessly. AirFreight.com’s deliveries won’t waste any time sitting in warehouses or distribution centers waiting for available carriers. Once inventory is picked up, it’s sent immediately to the intended destination. 

5. Gain a long-term partnership.

After you’ve sent or received a shipment using AirFreight.com, your account information is stored in a database for future shipments. The onboarding process for first-time customers requires a few more steps to set up an account, but the process goes quickly once payment terms have been established. Advanced logistics software also gathers data surrounding available pilots, drop-off locations, pickup times, and more. 

Learn more about AirFreight.com’s services. 

Whether you’re making a last-minute pickup somewhere in North America or delivering perishable goods on a tight deadline, AirFreight.com is the best choice, saving businesses significant time and money. 

Learn more about how AirFreight.com can help you. Download the “Cost of Urgent Shipping Methods” infographic now.

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