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Who We Serve - Aviation & Aerospace Industry

Who We Serve - Aviation and Aerospace

The aviation and aerospace sector is one of the most complex industries in the business world.

Every moment a commercial airliner sits on the ground it costs an airline money due to the high costs involved in its lease or purchase. Yet revenue service, both passenger and freight, is only one aspect of a highly demanding business. The manufacturing and maintaining of large commercial aircraft is supported by an extensive supply chain that requires parts and materials be delivered on time. Parts delays or equipment breakdowns push airplane delivery dates, which then ripple out to airlines and their passengers. This is where the speed, expertise, and experience of freight services from AirFrieght.com can make a difference throughout the entire aviation and aerospace supply chain. Whether it’s in the air or on the ground, freight services by AirFreight.com can get you back in the air with the prompt delivery of parts and equipment throughout North America. Here are just a few ways AirFreight.com serves and supports the aviation and aerospace sector.

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Supplying the suppliers

Supplying the suppliers

All airlines have a certain level of parts they maintain in order to rapidly make minor repairs. They keep these stockpiled at major hubs and they often have agreements with each other to share parts in an emergency. Most airlines are also contracted with MRO’s to conduct routine maintenance and perform FAA mandated checks. While many MRO’s are also located at major hubs in order to make maintenance as easy as towing an airplane from one hangar to another, invariably a part or parts will be needed that are not in stock. Since the biggest challenge is getting the right aircraft part in the right place at the right time, having an expedited freight solution backing you up as fast as possible is critical when every minute counts.

Aviation Industry Shipping

The fact is, not every logistics provider has the expertise to ensure a seamless process.

So it’s critically important to take the time to do your research and find a provider with the level of expertise that meets your needs. The answer is AirFreight.com. When seconds matter, an airline or MRO can’t afford to have a part stuck waiting to clear a loading dock. As an industry leader, you can count on AirFreight.com to deliver parts and equipment through innovative planning and execution. As a creative logistics provider, AirFreight.com might craft a plan that lands at a less-busy airport and then provides an expedited ground solution for last mile service. Or, it might make sense for a part to be consolidated with other shipments headed to the same destination. The consolidated larger shipment can move as a single shipment and then clear the loading dock as smaller individual transactions. Then, the shipment can then be broken down for further distribution.

Aviation Industry Shipping Provider

In the end, you need to choose a provider that is innovative and creative and who will go the extra mile to meet your logistics needs.

The aviation industry is a highly competitive market. Under massive economic and regulatory pressures, airlines are always looking at ways to reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase competitiveness. Using cut rate logistics providers is not one of them. Get the security and peace of mind that comes by using shipping services and expertise from AirFreight.com.

Overcoming an AOG

Perhaps three of the most dreaded words for commercial aviation and airlines are aircraft on ground (AOG).

AOG Strategy

AOG Strategy

Due to the potential ripple effect of an AOG, every operator must have a thoroughly planned AOG strategy, a trusted MRO to support it, and a logistics partner who gets parts and equipment when and where they are needed – on time. That partner is AirFreight.com. Let’s quickly look at what an AOG is, then we’ll look at how same day air and other services from AirFreight.com will help get you airborne again.

Anatomy of an AOG

Anatomy of an AOG

Although every AOG is unique, these incidents typically follow the same general pattern:

  • The airplane is grounded
  • The airline calls the airplane manufacturer and/or MRO for support
  • An AOG team from the manufacturer is dispatched to assess the airplane's condition
  • An assessment is made to determine what is wrong and what parts are needed
  • The airline agrees to the scope of repairs and signs a contract to start work
  • Parts, personnel, tools and equipment are sent to the airplane work site – this is where same day services from AirFreight.com can help get you back in the air
  • Work begins, and when completed it is signed off by the quality manager, indicating the airplane may return to flight
  • The airplane flies out to return to revenue service or to complete additional repairs not possible in its current location

Consequences of an AOG

The consequences to airlines from an AOG are serious and significant.

Schedule impact

Schedule impact

If an airplane is grounded, a different one must be found to plug the schedule gap. Airlines do not have fleets of spare airplanes just sitting around since they only generate revenue when they are flying passengers. In some cases, an airline might obtain a short-term lease on a comparable aircraft to fill the schedule gap, in others the route might simply be cancelled temporarily. Airlines try to avoid these options due to their significant costs.

Fleet disruptions

Fleet disruptions

Airplanes out of position and out of service drive up operating costs. AOG’s often require repairs to be made on site – often in less-than-ideal conditions – or flown to an MRO facility, depending on the severity of the maintenance problem. This takes the airplane and flight crew out of its service area, requiring deadhead legs that do nothing but burn fuel and dollars, with no revenue to show for it.

Loss of revenue service

Loss of revenue service

This issue is so critical that insurance options have been created specifically for airlines to recover costs from AOG situations. Not only is ticket revenue forfeit, but cargo revenue is also lost. Commercial flights carry millions of tons of freight every year, so when a flight is grounded due to maintenance issues, it causes significant issues up and down the logistics chain. These are exactly the types of situations that the experienced expeditors at AirFreight.com work to mitigate when it happens to your freight!

Decreased customer satisfaction

Decreased customer satisfaction

Airlines try to avoid creating unhappy passengers and freight customers, so when a flight is delayed or cancelled due to a maintenance issue, their reputation and brand takes a hit. If you consider the costs for hotel and meal vouchers for stranded passengers or having to rebook them on other flights with a competing airline, then you can clearly see why AOG situations require same day air services to safely move time sensitive parts and equipment.

Prepare for departure

By having the right plans, parts, people and same day logistics partner like AirFreight.com, you can effectively mitigate the loss of revenue, schedule disruptions and customer dissatisfaction due to aircraft downtime. Here’s how we do it.

Air Charter

Air Charter

Private flights on a AirFreight.com air charter provide the exclusivity and speed you need to hit those critical deadlines. Air charters offer complete shipment flexibility from departure time to final destination. Air charters are one of the fastest shipping options available and include in-flight tracking, so you’ll always know the status of your parts shipment.

Ground Expedite

Ground Expedite

Before your aircraft gets back in the air, the parts have to travel by ground – at least part of the way. Ground expedite service from AirFreight.com includes everything from Sprinter vans, small and large straight trucks, up to 53-foot tractor trailer delivery teams. We’ll pick up your shipment, deliver it to the airport, then receive it at the other end – providing hand-carried service as necessary or required.

Enjoy your flight

With AirFreight.com, you can always expect the same topflight service from start to finish.

Free Freight Quotes

Always free freight quotes

AirFreight.com offers efficient and effective solutions across a wide range of service options. No prior account is needed to get started. Just call us at (800) 713-1000 or enter your order online. All costs are listed without any hidden fees, so you know up front how much you will pay.

Customized Solutions

Customized solutions

We do all the logistical legwork to find the best solution for your specific situation. It might mean an exclusive air charter, or perhaps expedited ground shipping that still gets your critical parts to its destination on time.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking

Lost or delayed parts can cripple a repair schedule, driving up costs to the airplane operator. AirFreight.com uses the latest tracking technology to always know where your shipment is, and our team is happy to give you updates whenever you need them. We are proactively engaged with your shipment, monitoring air traffic, inclement weather, connecting flight cancellations, road construction and congested streets.

Constant contact

Constant contact

Want status on your parts? Our team is always available to answer your questions, provide an update on your shipment’s location, and take new instructions 24/7/365. Call us any time.

Experienced Expeditors

Experienced expeditors

With AirFreight.com, you’ll work with the same expeditor from start to finish, ensuring consistent communication, eliminating misunderstandings, and improving the quality of your entire shipping experience. That’s why some of the largest names in aerospace manufacturing and MRO trust AirFreight.com to meet their urgent shipping deadlines.

We develop plans that guarantee shipping services are supported by time-effective options whether the final destination is a major air hub, a regional airport, or even a remote airstrip.

Choosing the right logistics partner

Choosing the right logistics partner is a critical business decision.

With AirFreight.com, experience the peace of mind and confidence that comes from an expert delivery plan, and working with a dedicated expeditor from start to finish. For more information, contact us today at (800) 713-1000 and let us help you get back in the air!

Industries We Serve


Since one shipping delay can snowball and cause delays throughout your entire project, you need an experienced 3PL provider who understands the construction industry and has the logistical reach to deliver your freight on time, anywhere. That 3PL partner is AirFreight.com.
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The consequences from lost power production are serious for any business. Equipment failure is one of the biggest causes of energy production downtime. Losses compound exponentially with the delay or loss of energy capacity or the idling of plants for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. Whether it is a hydroelectric power station or solar farm, you need a 3PL who can move your parts and equipment safely and securely while meeting your most stringent deadlines.

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Farming & Food

Food processors can lose a significant percentage—up to 20 percent or more—of production capacity due to unplanned downtime. With processing plants running 16-20 hours a day, the hourly cost of a shutdown can reach up to $30,000 per hour. Get back online with the parts you need expedited by AirFreight.com.
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Every moment a manufacturing facility or factory sits idle costs a company money due to the high costs involved in lost sales and lost customers. With many manufacturers building to only a just-in-time production rates, any disruption threatens parts and vehicle inventories. This is where the speed, expertise, and experience of freight services from AirFreight.com can make a difference throughout the entire manufacturing supply chain.
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Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry faces challenging conditions in offshore and onshore oil rigs, often in remote locations with limited infrastructure. Don’t let oil pumps or pipelines sit idle waiting for equipment. By having the right plans, parts, people, and a logistics partner such as AirFreight.com, you can effectively mitigate plant or pump downtime, unscheduled disruptions, and equipment failures.
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Renewables & Environment

Wind turbines can be as tall as an 85-story building with a blade radius of an acre. Transporting just one wind turbine can take up to nine separate shipments. Solar equipment has sensitive electronics and glass that are easily subject to damage. Just to make one solar panel requires nearly 40 different components, including precious metals, that need to get to the factory on time. With requirements like this, working with the right 3PL provider, such as AirFreight.com, who can flex with your needs when situations and requirements change is absolutely critical.
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During downtime, retailers experience lost sales, the inability to process credit cards, access customer purchasing history, or locate items in stock at a distribution center or another retail location. Don’t let unexpected downtime due to point-of-sale equipment failures impact your brand or frustrate your customers. If you can’t serve your customers, your competition will!
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Unexpected IT downtime can bring down even the largest businesses—just ask the airlines when their reservation systems go offline. The importance of e-commerce, online sales, and the computing infrastructure that supports it makes getting systems and servers up and running even more critical. With 98 percent of organizations reporting that a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000, you can’t afford a slow logistics partner.
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With today’s broken supply chains, even companies that specialize in logistics find themselves needing help. We provide an expansive network of expedited air and ground shipping options to make the trip in the air, to and from the airport, or complete the entire delivery on the ground. Through these resources and our centralized planning operations, we help 3PL providers overcome all the challenges of their industry.
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