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Missing Shipment: AirFreight Makes Overnight Delivery to Meet Deadline

| November 29, 2021 | By

AirFreight Overview

AirFreight.com is a shipping and logistics business that specializes in airborne deliveries, express trucking, and expedited shipping. AirFreight provides quick, hassle-free shipping using a single point of contact. Founded in 2006, our organization has helped hundreds of businesses pick up, transfer, and deliver their goods. 

AirFreight.com ships items by air and ground using cargo airline services and highly vetted vehicles. Each one is carefully inspected to ensure it has the capacity to transport cargo of various weights and sizes safely and damage-free. Real-time tracking updates help eliminate delays. That means our clients can find the exact location of their shipments at any time during the transportation process. 

To prevent any unexpected issues surrounding ground shipments, we take a proactive approach, analyzing current traffic patterns, weather reports, and the layout of each potential route. Then, we utilize the quickest, most efficient method. When shipping via airplane, we identify multiple flights that can carry out customer deliveries—just in case multiple planes can’t complete the job. We pride ourselves on speed and efficiency; your shipment won’t ever sit in a hub or warehouse waiting to be picked up. We start working for you the minute you contact us. 

The Problem

A missing shipment was located 550 miles away.

Based in Bessemer, Alabama, Norflex Inc. has been engineering and designing dampers, custom metal parts, and expansion joints since 1974, contributing to many important industrial, environmental, and energy initiatives. Norflex has completed projects related to waste heat recovery, gas distribution, air pollution control, waste incineration, pulp and paper, petrochemical, offshore drilling, and more. The privately owned business has completed many jobs in the coal, oil, steel, iron, cement, glass, aluminum, and gas industries, specializing in custom fabrications and quick execution. 

The Situation

Norflex owner Reba Norwood was facing a critical situation when she reached out to us. Her Alabama-based business was expecting a large shipment of fasteners that was located in Springfield, Missouri, more than an eight-hour drive away! The products were needed to complete an important project that had to be assembled, tested for quality, and shipped out to the customer the next day. 

Without the fasteners, Norflex was unable to finish the job, missing an important deadline that could negatively impact their reputation and relationship with the customer. 

The Solution

Expedited shipping helped meet a last-minute deadline.

Unfortunately, Norflex’s supplier had failed to ship the fasteners the previous week, and Norwood was beginning to panic. The nearly 550-mile trip seemed impossible, and she was almost certain that her company would miss the important deadline. She believed that there was no way the fasteners would arrive in Bessemer on time and that expediting the shipment would be incredibly expensive and difficult. 

After discovering AirFreight.com through an online search, she called us and spoke to our expeditor, Steve, who picked up on her urgency and quickly got to work. Once he obtained the shipment’s exact location, he identified the best vehicle for the job. 

The Results

“I don’t know that I’ve ever received such good service from a freight company.”

Within just two hours, AirFreight sent a truck to acquire the fasteners at a supplier warehouse in Missouri. The delivery arrived at the Norflex headquarters in Alabama the following morning at 7 a.m., just in time to ship the completed project to the customer. During the shipment’s journey, Norwood was able to check on its location in real time, following its progress as it traveled to Bessemer. 

“AirFreight did a super job! Their prices were reasonable, they were reliable, and they provided us with excellent service,” Norwood said. “I don’t know that I’ve ever received such good service from a freight company.”

The Future

Norflex looks forward to a continued partnership.

A first-time client, Norflex looks forward to relying on AirFreight.com for making pickups and deliveries in the future. Not only did AirFreight save the Bessemer-based business money on a last-minute shipment, but it also kept Norflex’s working relationship with its client intact. 

“We had never worked with them before, but I can assure you they’re at the top of our list going forward,” Norwood said.

Regardless of shipment size, location, deadline, or distance, AirFreight.com can help any business get the inventory it needs and meet last-minute deadlines. 

With 24/7/365 support, the convenience of a single point of contact, and real-time tracking updates, AirFreight.com is the only choice for last-minute shipments that require fast and reliable transportation. Learn how much AirFreight can save you

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