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Our mission at AirFreight.com is to meet your every shipping need, whether your cargo stays on the ground or travels by air.

We offer hot shot trucking services for large cargo that defies conventional packaging and traditional delivery vehicles.

This is not to say we limit our hot shot services to oversize and odd dimension shipments, just that many of our faithful customers are in the energy, automotive, and construction sectors; companies that need to get engines, vehicles, pipelines, and the like to sites which are often located in lesser-traveled remote areas of the country. That's where our national and regional network of hot shot truckers come in, ready to pick up your cargo, whether your shipment is routinely scheduled or urgently critical; and they'll arrive in a vehicle appropriate for its weight and dimensions.

A Hot Shot Trucking Company at Your Service Every Step of the Journey

But, don't get us wrong. We're an equal opportunity shipping company, servicing every type of hot shot delivery, so no matter what size or weight you need to ship, even if it fits in a conventional vehicle, you can always trust our team of expert expeditors to pick it up wherever it is, deliver it matter where it needs to go, and do it according to your schedule.

Expedited TransportationUnlike the case with some other hot shot trucking companies, when you contact AirFreight.com to schedule hot shot trucking services, the agent who takes your call will be with you for the long run, your dedicated single point of contact, proactively keeping you in the loop every step of the way, from your loading dock to its final destination. He or she will be available to answer any questions you may have, and follow up you may need.

And since responding to hot shot trucking needs is his everyday job, he'll be planning his next step almost as quickly as you can explain your requirements. Within minutes of hanging up, he'll have located a team of hot shot truckers experienced in driving and operating whatever type of vehicle your cargo requires.

Dedicated Hot Shot Trucking Carriers

The reason AirFreight is able to respond so quickly is that in our decade plus history of providing hot shot trucking services, we have forged connections with reliable truckers all over the North American continent who have the training, experience and safe driving records to meet our standards.

And so, your dedicated agent will be able to secure whatever type vehicle your freight calls for, whether it's a 53-foot tractor trailer, a straight truck, flatbed, or even a refrigerated truck.

And should you require them, we also offer the following options:

  • Curtain sides
  • Racks and tarps
  • Air ride suspension
  • Permit loads
  • Flagmen
  • Pilot cars

And as with any all Airfreight.com services, your cargo will never share a vehicle with other customer's shipments. It will be dedicated to your load, and yours alone. Should this be an urgent matter, you can expect your drivers to arrive within hours of speaking to your agent. If it's a scheduled shipment, they'll be there whenever and wherever you specify. This is the beauty of having connections to hot shot truckers and trucks located in every state of the union as well as our neighbors to the north and south, Canada and Mexico.

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Hot Shot Tracking

Hot Shot Tracking

Just because your hot shot freight has left your sight doesn't mean you'll lose connection to it. Airfreight.com uses state-of-the-art logistics technology to allow both your agent and the hot shot trucker monitor the truck's route using the latest in satellite tracking. Should they detect an accident, traffic jam, road crew, or anything else that might delay the truck's timely arrival at its destination, they will have sufficient time to take another route.

Of course your agent will contact you to keep you up to speed. Should this mean your cargo will be late in arriving, he will let you know so you can warn the recipient. Likewise, if it means it will arrive earlier than expected, you can call ahead and make sure they're prepared for it at the other end.

A Winning Combination: Our Hot Shot Warriors of the Road and Our Hot Shot Expediters Behind the Scenes

Hot Shot ExpeditorsWe are proud to say we have accumulated a long list of satisfied customers who turn to us again and again when they are in need of hot shot trucking services. But let's give credit where credit is due. We could not deliver this top-notch type of reliable top quality hot shot trucking service for all these years without the combined efforts of our professional expediters manning the phones and handling operations while providing impeccable customer service 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day; and our local, regional, and nation-wide networks of trained driver teams and top hot shot truckers with a reputation for honesty, reliability, and capacity for handling both urgent and scheduled deliveries of over-sized equipment no matter where or when it needs to be delivered.

So the next time you find yourself charged with shipping an over-dimensional piece of equipment to a client who needs it immediately, if not yesterday, ask yourself if you want a company that provides perfectly reliable everyday truck delivery service for traditionally packed cartons or palletized loads, but has to scramble to find the type of truck your over-dimension cargo needs, and then locate drivers with experience operating this type of vehicle? Or do you want a hot shot trucking company that provides such hot shot delivery solutions every day of the year, and over a decade of transporting mega-size and ultra-wide equipment for the construction, energy, and automotive sectors? If this is the caliber of hot shot trucking company you're looking for, you've found it — Airfreight.com.

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