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How AirFreight.com Helped a Gypsum Mine Repair a Massive Leak

AirFreight Overview

AirFreight.com is a logistics company that specializes in airborne deliveries, express trucking, and expedited shipping. We offer the major advantages of fast, straightforward shipping with a single point of contact. Founded in 2006, our company has helped hundreds of organizations transport and deliver their goods. 

AirFreight.com ships items by air and ground using cargo airline services and trucks. Each vehicle is vetted carefully to ensure it has the capacity to transport cargo safely. Real-time tracking updates help prevent delays while also giving customers peace of mind—they can find out the exact location of their shipment at any time during the transportation process. 

To avoid any unexpected issues surrounding ground shipments, we analyze current traffic patterns, weather reports, and the layout of each potential route, utilizing the quickest, most efficient one. When shipping via airplane, we identify multiple flights that can carry out customer deliveries in case one plane can’t complete the job. We pride ourselves on our speed and efficiency. Your shipment won’t ever sit in a hub or warehouse waiting to be picked up. We start working for you the minute you call us. 

The Problem

A Monthslong Water Leak That Required Dozens of Shipments to Repair

A large gypsum mine began experiencing massive flooding after inadvertently cracking the water table, the surface where the water pressure equals the atmospheric pressure. 

The rift was disastrous. The mine began taking on thousands of gallons of water per hour. This wasn’t a simple fix. Dozens of tools were needed from around the country to repair the opening—the sooner, the better. 

Luckily, this gypsum mine had worked with AirFreight.com before. They knew we could get them the items they needed quickly. Because we utilize a single point of contact for each client, the mine’s manager called one of our expeditors directly. The expeditor knew the client well, and he had already begun making arrangements to pick up the parts before the phone call ended. 

The Solution

Picking Up and Delivering Dozens of Parts from Across the U.S. 

Over the next three months, the gypsum mine contacted us anytime they needed to obtain a specific material, part, or tool. As the repairs continued and more issues arose, many different machines or instruments were required in small amounts on a last-minute basis. This took some extra effort on our end. While these parts were all going to the same destination, we were picking them up from various locations across multiple states. 

The leak wasn’t an easy fix and took significant time to repair. While the mine was able to seal a majority of the hole and prevent additional flooding within a short period of time, it took dozens of tools and months of work to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. From April to July, we picked up and delivered around 40 loads of materials, tools, and machines to the mine. 

The Results

Working with a Single Point of Contact to Save the Client Time

Our expeditor worked directly with the mine’s manager and would have a truck pick up any necessary inventory within 1-2 hours of each time he called, texted, or emailed us. 

Each conversation was very brief—no more than a minute or two. Our expeditor already knew the mine’s specific needs and situation. Once the items were obtained, the truck immediately took them to the mine. There was no downtime or long wait time with the items sitting in a delivery hub. This is why we differ from other expedited shipping companies: Once we pick up a shipment, it’s taken straight to its destination. 

The Future

Looking Forward 

As a previous client, this gypsum mine continues to work with us. Not only did AirFreight.com save the mine time and money, but we were also able to obtain all the parts required to fix the massive leak on an as-needed basis, often at the last minute. 

Regardless of the cargo size, location, situation, or distance, AirFreight.com can help organizations get the inventory they need and meet last-minute deadlines. 

With 24/7/365 support, a single point of contact, and real-time tracking, AirFreight.com is the only choice for last-minute shipments that require fast and reliable transportation. 

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