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Air Freight news update volume one

Welcome back to the AirFreight.com blog for our latest update. Every few weeks we'll be taking a look back at some of the industry reports that have been released over the previous period that impact the air cargo/air freight industry both in North America and a few that are worldwide. Consider these updates a starting point to access some of the data and reports that shape the industry in terms of capacity, airport freight data, company reports and changes that are worth keeping abreast of.

Aloha Air Cargo (KH, Honolulu) commenced scheduled cargo flights to the US mainland last week on October 23. The service is targeting those looking to have better logistics via the airlines extensive inter-island network. Learn more at CH Aviation.com.

Air New Zealand (NZ) have won a significant court case that relates to air cargo price collusion in Australia within the last 24 hours that other 10 other airlines settled on. The other airlines were fined almost Aus. $100 million for the price fixing of international air freight rates, however Air New Zealand and Garuda successfully defended the allegations during the trial. The Federal Court of Australia dismissed all allegations directed at Air NZ with a further hearing scheduled for February 4, 2015.

Portland, Oregon has been without direct Asian cargo service for over a year now since the cessation of cargo service from Asiana Cargo in 2013. The Port of Portland are negotiating the possibility of adding transpacific service with a number of carriers which would be a welcome addition to the city's international air freight capacity. Read more at the Portland Business Journal.

United Cargo announced selection of Crane Worldwide Logistics to be their new Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) freight forwarding partner. CRAF is a program designed to support the US Department of Defense (DOD) when needed.

China Airlines (CAL) moved up to sixth place in global air cargo volume for 2013 with a total of 1.2 million tons of goods. The ranking continues the rapid cargo growth for the Asian carrier and they're reporting further growth of 13% so far in 2014. Read more at Focus Taiwan.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission regularly release airport cargo data that provides valuable benchmark data that helps analyze trends within the industry. Since launching the blog the following reports were released via MAC and Bloomberg, click the links below for the full breakdown of the reports.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Sept. Air Freight +1.4% Y/y

Chicago O’Hare Airport Sept. Air Freight Rises 11.1% Y/y

Miami Int’l Airport September Air Freight Rises 4.8% Y/y

San Francisco Airport August Air Cargo Rises 13.4% Y/y

If you find other data that you'd like us to include by all means get in touch via the comments section, our Twitter account or Facebook page.

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