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Premium Production: Boeing Freighters Prepared For Increased Air Freight Demand

By Dan Boaz | Jan 30, 2018

With demand for air freight services on an upward trend that shows little sign of slowing down, carriers across the globe are looking to expand their air fleets. These companies need fast, safe planes with ample cargo space, and Boeing is hard at work to meet their needs. The new line of Boeing freight planes has the carrying capacity necessary to serve a myriad of carriers and clients.

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Paris Air Show leaves air freight industry buoyant about the future

By Dan Boaz | Jun 25, 2015

The recently completed Paris Air Show has sent very positive news to Boeing and to a lesser extent Airbus Industries about the future health of the global air freight industry. Directly contradicting the prediction of many analysts Boeing came away from the Paris show in bouyant mood about the direction that the freighter market is likely to take in the mid-term.

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New aircraft projections from Boeing indicate strong growth for air freight and passenger demand

By Dan Boaz | Jun 16, 2015

When Boeing makes their annual long term projections about aircraft production the air freight and passenger airline industry sit up and take notice and the latest figures are very encouraging from the manufacturing giant. The newest projections from Boeing show demand reaching 38,050 new aircraft over the next twenty years

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Boeing 777F orders demonstrate growth in air freight market

By Tim Merrick | Jan 12, 2015

It might make you feel old but did you realize that this coming June marks the 20th anniversary of the first Boeing 777 being introduced into service, initially within the fleet of United Airlines? I remember taking a trip to London on a 777 within a year of that introduction and it seemed like a glimpse into the future at time compared with the other long range wide body jets operating at that time.

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Air Freight news update volume four

By Tim Merrick | Jan 7, 2015

Welcome once more to the AirFreight.com blog as we continue our regular look at some recent important news stories and articles that impact the air freight and air cargo industry. Designed to complement our normal updates and provide many of the other facts, figures and opinions that help to bring a stronger understanding of the health and developments within the air freight industry today. Within each summary piece click on the blue link(s) to read more.

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