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Air Freight
Bridgeport, CT
(203) 916 - 6900

We pride ourselves on knowing and meeting Bridgeport’s supply needs and on our ability to overcome any delivery obstacle, no matter how serious or unexpected. Local businesses know they can depend on our Bridgeport urgent airfreight strategy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Time-Sensitive Airfreight Services for Bridgeport and Beyond

Home to nearly 150,000 people, Bridgeport is the largest city in Connecticut and one of the largest in the Tri-state Area. The town has become synonymous with urban resurgence, having become a major center for everything from healthcare to electronics to aircraft manufacturing. This influx of industries has been great for local wealth and employment, but it’s also presented its fair share of challenges. Fields like aerospace and electronics require not only a lot of supplies but also relatively rare ones, many of which come from distant parts of the continent. The same industries also face tight deadlines, meaning there’s little margin for error when bringing in these items. The result is that even the most meticulous delivery plans are frequently frustrated. AirFreight.com is an expert at turning your frustrations into flourishing.

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Air Freight’s Streamlined Process


Single point of contact

Work with the same expeditor during your shipment’s entire process–no annoying call centers!
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shipment-to-vehicle matching system

We carefully match the size and weight of your shipment to the right vehicle.
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Vetted & exclusive carriers

We work with vetted, experienced carriers, so you get one vehicle for the entire delivery process exclusive.
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real-time monitoring & alerts

Our GPS tracking technology lets us know exactly where your shipment is at all times.
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Types of Vehicles


Bridgeport Urgent Air Freight Logistics

Air Freight Bridgeport

Bridgeport Critical Air Cargo

AirFreight.com strives to offer the gold standard in critical air cargo for Bridgeport. Achieving this is largely an exercise in planning ahead and assembling resources. We thus take the time to memorize all the ground, air, and other routes into the city, identify the most common locations for major disruptions and the times when they tend to happen, and come up with alternatives for each major route. We also have put together a network of affiliated ground and air carriers across the country, as well as throughout Canada and Mexico, whom we can call on at any time to load up your order and send it on its way. But achieving the gold standard in expedited freight also requires going beyond general shipping resources and knowledge and making an effort to learn the unique needs of each client. To this end, AirFreight.com offers our Bridgeport clients:

Air Freight Team Bridgeport

A Centralized Point of Contact

One of the biggest frustrations in emergency shipping can be having to slowly work your way through a call center or automated system just to get updates on your order. Not so with AirFreight.com! Whether you have an order on the way, hope to place a new one, or just want general information for future reference, you can call our centralized line and immediately speak with our team. That team will provide detailed updates on ongoing orders so that you know the precise location of your items and exactly how much longer you’ll have to wait to receive them. Our team can also provide you with a comprehensive description of our services so that you’ll know exactly what to look for in the future. We strive to keep all past, present, and future clients fully informed, leaving as little guesswork as possible for any Bridgeport urgent air cargo handling.

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Concierge Solutions for your Shipments

the information you provide. AirFreight.com caters our services to your needs; while we’ll make recommendations and help you understand the pros and cons of any particular service, we also defer to you and make sure our services closely match your expectations. If you just want a standard air shipment, we’ll schedule for you the quickest, most secure flight or chain of flights. If you need a new flight, we’ll set up a private charter on the timeline that works best for you. And if you need special care for your items, we’ll coordinate a courier who can keep them safe throughout the journey. No matter what you’re looking for or what constraints you face, we have the resources and expertise to meet your needs comprehensively and will work tirelessly to do so.

Air Freight

Our main expertise is in air freight, which is often the solution to Bridgeport’s delivery challenges. We take a holistic approach to coordinating air deliveries. Our team starts by identifying the air cargo carrier closest to your starting point; if there’s more than one in the area, we choose the carrier whose scheduled flights best suit your needs. We then identify a ground carrier to match, choosing an affiliate we can trust to reach your items, load them up, and bring them to the airport with time to spare. We’ll also choose a ground affiliate in the Bridgeport area who can pick up your items from the airport and bring them the rest of the way to you. By weaving these different affiliates together, we create a robust delivery chain that brings you your supplies on time.

Air Freight Bridgeport

Air Charter

Standard air freight can’t always get the job done on time, especially if you’re delivering from a distant location or need to abide by an especially tight timeline. For this reason, we also offer air charter services in tandem with our time-sensitive airfreight Bridgeport services. Air charters are similar to air cargo deliveries except that, instead of reserving space for you on a flight that’s already scheduled, we get a cargo airline to schedule a new flight for you. This new flight will travel directly to Irvine from the airport closest to your starting point, eliminating the need for any connecting flights. Bridgeport businesses who depend on supplies from rural locations especially benefit from this service, as it lets them get their items just as quickly as if they came from more standard supply points. In this way, we make sure all our clients can count on the same expedited freight excellence.

Air Charter Bridgeport

Same-Day Hand-Carry

Achieving equal outcomes for all our clients extends to clients who depend on especially sensitive or valuable small items. For these supplies, we organize same-day hand-carry services in which a trusted affiliated courier personally retrieves your supplies. This individual will then keep your order close at hand throughout the delivery, no matter how many connecting flights and truck rides are involved. This means you don’t need to worry about your items being lost, exposed, or unattended, but can have peace of mind throughout the shipping process. By coordinating hand-carry and other tailored services, we meet the unique needs of every Bridgeport business.

Bridgeport Same-Day Hand-Carry

Explore All Shipping Options

Air Cargo

With air cargo express shipping, a cargo delivery can be made within the U.S., Canada, or Mexico in just hours.
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Air Charter

AirFreight.com’s air charter services specialize in arranging aircraft charter and jet services, emergency air charter services, and international charters for time-critical freight shipments.
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Air Freight

Our air freight broker services offer clients an efficient way to send expedited and urgent freight.
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Expedited Truckload

Whether you need a dedicated truck, flatbed, van, reefer, or a team, AirFreight.com’s expedited truckload services have you covered.

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Hot Shot Trucking

Our hot shot trucking services are ideal for large cargo that may have unconventional weight, dimensions, or packaging.

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Same-Day Delivery

Emergencies happen. Standard deliveries can go wrong. To ensure your time-critical freight reaches its destination, AirFreight.com offers same-day delivery services.

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