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Port settlement reached and the demand for urgent ground and air freight services escalates

By Dan Boaz | Feb 24, 2015

It's taken nearly nine months but at last a settlement has been reached on a new labor deal between longshoremen and port owners which enables West Coast ports to return to full operations. The collective positive impact on the economy, exporters, manufacturing and retailers will be huge but the huge cargo backlog won't be remedied overnight. Meanwhile as delayed freight is unloaded there will be a swelling demand for air freight services and expedited ground services to get the shipments to their final destinations as quickly as possible.

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Honda, Toyota and Nissan turn to air freight as port issues impact supply chain

By Dan Boaz | Feb 18, 2015

As the West Coast port issues continue few industry sectors are finding the impact to business quite as pronounced as the big three Japanese automakers. The port delays are gnawing away at the economy in general with it estimated that in total the commercial freight traveling through these ports accounts for a staggering 12.5 percent of the nation's GDP. Numbers like that make you sit up and take notice and it's no wonder that air freight and air charter services are a growing option for many. For some automakers so reliant on imports from Asia the obstacles increase on a day-to-day basis.

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Ongoing port dispute leaves more seeking air freight and air charter services

By Dan Boaz | Feb 13, 2015

As companies across the country know only too well the impact of the West Coast ports slowdown has had a dramatic knock-on effect in terms of keeping stock and supplies at the levels needed to operate their businesses at maximum efficiency. As freight continues to back up at ports the urgent need for air freight and air charter services becomes the only viable option for many companies as they try and make up for delayed shipments. While things might at last be heading towards a showdown with dockworkers the ongoing impact to supply chains is set to last weeks or even months for many reliant on cargo from Asia.

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Seattle Air Freight tonnage increase in part due to port slowdown

By Tim Merrick | Dec 29, 2014

After eight months of ongoing labor slowdowns at west coast ports together with no immediate signs of resolution there has been a growing tendency for some of those with the most urgent shipments to explore the air freight options in the market. There are few places where this has been more noticeable than the operations for air cargo out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

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