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Air Freight
Hawkins Point
(443) 594 - 8074

Following the Francis Scott Key Bridge disaster, Hawkins Point was one of the hardest hit communities. AirFreight.com provides the backstop by coordinating speedy air cargo carrying into the area, so that you have easy access to your supplies under even the most challenging circumstances.

Important Air Freight Services Hawkins Point, Maryland

Located within the Baltimore metropolitan area, Hawkins Point was hit hard by the Francis Scott Key Bridge disaster earlier this year. Local businesses have struggled to get key supplies that either come through the port or through alternative transit routes that the bridge disaster has disrupted. AirFreight.com has been invaluable in helping local businesses overcome new logistical challenges while seizing concomitant opportunities.

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Work with the same expeditor during your shipment’s entire process–no annoying call centers!
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We carefully match the size and weight of your shipment to the right vehicle.
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Hawkins Point, Maryland Air Freight



The bridge was itself an invaluable piece of infrastructure that facilitated shipments into and out of Hawkins Point and the rest of the Baltimore Area. The closure of this entryway, along with the strain put on other transit routes in the area, made obtaining necessary supplies on short notice highly difficult. AirFreight.com provides the backstop by coordinating speedy air cargo carrying into the area, so that you have easy access to your supplies under even the most challenging circumstances.



Hawkins Point businesses are eager to take part in the efforts to repair the Francis Scott Key Bridge and rebuild other infrastructure in the area. But these rebuilding efforts depend heavily on new supplies, many of which local businesses haven’t ordered before and need to get on short notice. AirFreight.com offers access to supplies from anywhere in North America on the shortest notice.

Getting In and Out of the Greater Baltimore Area

Getting In and Out of the Greater Baltimore Area

The bridge accident disrupted not only those supply lines that come through the Port of Baltimore, but also those coming overland, notably by diverting northbound traffic into the Baltimore area to clog up many local highways. AirFreight.com provides an alternative to shipping by land, coordinating the flights you need to get your critical supplies without delay. All you have to do is call (443) 594-8074, and you’ll soon have a flight on its way into the area.

Important Air Freight Services Hawkins Point, Maryland

Hawkins Point Critical Air Cargo

Even before the bridge accident, logistics for Hawkins Point businesses were never simple. The Baltimore metropolitan area is home to nearly 3 million people and thousands of businesses, big and small. This population and commercial density means that local roads are perennially crowded, making it extremely difficult to bring in supplies on short notice. That’s no problem if you can plan your supply routes out ahead of time, but it becomes challenging if you suddenly discover that you need more supplies than you ordered or new supplies that don’t come along your ordinary routes. AirFreight.com helps businesses in exactly this situation. We connect clients to our North American network of trucks and airlines, making sure their specific needs are met through:


A Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

When you call (443) 594-8074, you won’t get some call center or be asked to leave a message. Instead, you will speak immediately with the AirFreight.com coordination team, who will waste no time in assessing your situation and coming up with strategies tailored for you. This tailored communication strategy is called a single point of contact (SPOC), and it is highly valuable for Hawkins Point businesses struggling to make up for logistical mishaps. The SPOC is also helpful for current customers who are waiting for an order and would like more information. When you call our SPOC about a current order, you’ll be directed to the team that’s handling that order. The team will be able to pull up tracking data in real time, telling you the exact location of the flight or truck that’s carrying your items. Our team will give you all the information you need to plan for delivery and stay at the top of your game.


Concierge-Level Customer Service

Our SPOC ensures that we can communicate clearly with customers, and this in turn allows us to empower those customers. Since emergency orders often involve sensitive or critical cargo, you may not want to turn all the decisions over to us, and we respect that. Clients who take this approach can thus reserve all major choices for themselves. If you ask for this type of tailored service, we will simply lay the information out in front of you and let you decide what service you want best. We might make recommendations, but we’ll always leave the final choice up to you. This reminds clients who are trying to regain some sense of control in the midst of a shipping emergency that they are still on top. AirFreight.com is also happy to make more decisions for clients who want us to, so that you exercise the exact level of involvement that you prefer.

Air Freight

Standard air freight is relatively straightforward: AirFreight.com finds a scheduled flight from your starting point, books you some space on it, and then dispatches our trucking affiliates to get your items to the airport. While this is simple, it’s not easy for businesses without the necessary experience. But because AirFreight.com has such close connections to affiliated airlines all over the country, we can find and book these flights without skipping a beat. Our network of close airline connections also makes it easier for us to find connecting flights, in the event that there is no direct flight from your starting point to Maryland.

Air Freight Hawkins Point

Air Charter

The same close airline connections that let us coordinate standard air freight services so effectively also let us organize a speedy alternative. Air charters, or cargo flights arranged and reserved for individual clients, are one of the fastest and most reliable ways to get your items on short notice. They have the advantage of not depending on airline schedules, as a chartered flight can be set up even between two cities that don’t ordinarily have any air connections. AirFreight.com works with our airline partners to set up last-minute charters from anywhere in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Regardless of where your shipment originates, we can set up a direct flight to the Baltimore area with minimal notice.

Air Charter Hawkins Point

Same-Day Hand-Carry

While your items are on their way to Hawkins Point, you may have concerns about them being damaged or their confidentiality being breached, especially during an emergency order where your ordinary security measures aren’t available. AirFreight.com takes good care of your items on all orders, and we can go the extra mile for especially sensitive items by organizing same-day hand-carry services. This option involves choosing a courier from our network and sending them to pick up your items from the starting point. The courier will hold onto your supplies the whole way, no matter how many trucks and flights there are along the route. This ensures safety and confidentiality from start to finish.

Same-Day Hand-Carry Hawkins Point

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