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Comprehensive Support For Your Shipments From An Experienced Air Cargo Broker

Working directly with airlines to complete our clients’ deliveries on time and at a reasonable price.

AirFreightBroker.com understands airline policies and constraints inside and out. This puts us in the perfect position to negotiate any delivery by air. We begin by finding an airline that can ship each client’s goods on time, and then find a way to complete that shipment without going over budget. If scheduled shipping isn’t enough for a client, we charter a flight to meet their specific needs. With our help, no business will be left without crucial supplies.

Why Every Business Should Have an Air Freight Broker by its Side

Air Freight Broker While airlines offer an array of cargo options for commercial customers, not all customers understand the full range of choices they have or how to take advantage of them. Air freight brokers fill in this knowledge gap, allowing their clients to make the most of scheduled services. If a client has sudden shipping needs that standard services can’t fill, brokers can more effectively identify the next flight out, linking together connecting flights to chart a quick route to the destination. Brokers can also negotiate the best prices for these expedited air freight services.

In addition to taking advantage of scheduled shipping, air cargo brokers can also help their clients with providing charter jets. This means reserving a plane specifically for that client’s cargo, which will leave as soon as the client needs it to. Brokers identify the planes that can carry out these orders effectively and reserve them for a reasonable price.

AirFreightBroker.com covers every aspect of your delivery, including:

  • Service Updates - We offer a consistent source of information on the location of each plane and other key details.
  • Critical Freight Deliveries - We specialize in highly valuable freight, making sure to find an airline that can handle it correctly.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions - AirFreightBroker.com has worked with clients from a myriad of different industries, and meets all their specific needs.
  • Coverage Across The Country - We have vehicles and coverage throughout Canada and the United States.
  • Flexible Pricing - We negotiate affordable rates for all of our clients, no matter how elaborate their needs.

Comprehensive Coverage from Beginning to End

In addition to finding our clients scheduled and chartered flights, AirFreightBroker.com remains hard at work throughout the delivery. As an order makes its way from the starting point to the destination, we track it carefully and watch for any signs of delay. If there is a delay, we determine whether it will interfere with connecting flights, and if so, we find a new connection that can carry the order. Our clients can rest assured that no matter what happens during their delivery, we will always be working to finish it as fast as possible.

Air Freight Broker Coverage

Besides reserving and tracking flights for our clients, we also get their orders to those flights on time. By combining our brokerage experience with a fleet of quick, reliable trucks, we eliminate any barriers to a quick delivery.

For more information on AirFreightBroker.com, visit our website or call (800) 713-1000 today.