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Air Freight
Laredo, TX
(956) 391 - 1700

We coordinate emergency deliveries into Laredo so that companies short on supplies can quickly get what they need to keep producing. This way, Laredo can stay at the top of its game and the growth of two great nations can continue undisturbed.

Laredo Urgent Airfreight to Keep the Continent United

While international trade is important to every city, no town is involved in it on a more fundamental level than Laredo. Located just on the Texas side of the US-Mexico border, Laredo is the crossing point for more than a third of US imports from Mexico and nearly half of US exports to Mexico. On top of this, Laredo is a major port city, playing a critical role in the Gulf economy. And, because of the services it offers to cattle ranchers, it also ties inland activities into this trade. It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that the health of the North American economy depends on Laredo! AirFreight.com strives to keep Laredo’s economy and all of North America in good shape. 

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Air Freight’s Streamlined Process


Single point of contact

Work with the same expeditor during your shipment’s entire process–no annoying call centers!
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shipment-to-vehicle matching system

We carefully match the size and weight of your shipment to the right vehicle.
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Vetted & exclusive carriers

We work with vetted, experienced carriers, so you get one vehicle for the entire delivery process exclusive.
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real-time monitoring & alerts

Our GPS tracking technology lets us know exactly where your shipment is at all times.
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Types of Vehicles


Critical Air Cargo Freight for Laredo

Air Freight Texas

Laredo Logistics

As you might imagine, doing business in the Laredo area can be a logistics nightmare. With ground traffic moving both ways across the border, ranchers and other businesses traveling into the city for services, and hundreds of thousands of workers entering and leaving on their daily commute, local roads inevitably get clogged on a regular basis. AirFreight.com avoids these clogged roads by coordinating flights into Laredo on short notice. We’ve assembled a web of affiliated airlines all over the US and Mexico, as well as in Canada, who can fly your goods into Laredo in under 24 hours. By planning out these air deliveries and then watching them to make sure they stay on track, we ensure a smooth delivery regardless of where your supplies originate, what time of day or year you’re bringing them in, and how crowded the Laredo roads are when you place your order.

Air Freight Company Laredo

Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

While your items are on their way to Laredo, AirFreight.com goes to great lengths to keep you informed. We have established a single point of contact (SPOC) for our customers, which you’re free to call whenever you need an update on your order. Rather than making you deal with a call center, this SPOC will put you directly in communication with the team that is planning and directing your order. You can ask that team anything about the delivery, and they’ll give you detailed, precise answers. The team will be able to tell you all this accurately because they have access to advanced tracking data that monitors your items and the road ahead of them. This tracking means it’s never difficult to pinpoint the precise location of your items or to calculate how much time remains until they’ll be in your hands.

Air Freight Laredo

Concierge-Level Customer Service

Having access to such precise tracking data means that if an unexpected disruption happens while your order is on its way, AirFreight.com can respond quickly to keep the items on track. While we are happy to do this on our own, we’re also willing to take a concierge approach in which we involve you directly in the coordination process. If a canceled flight or clogged airport throws off the original expedited delivery plan, we’ll quickly redirect your order to a new connection or otherwise keep it on track. And you can participate in the decision-making, listening to all the options we identify and choosing the one you feel most comfortable with. We offer a similarly hands-on opportunity to prospective clients who are first calling to learn about our services and place an order. We’ll explain how all our different services work, make recommendations, and then follow the decision you make in detail.

Air Freight

Air freight is often the most direct solution to many shipping crises. No matter how insoluble your supply shortfall may seem, the odds are that it’s possible to bring you replacement supplies in under 24 hours just by relying on flights that are already scheduled. That can mean finding a direct flight to Laredo from the town where your supplies originate. Or it may mean finding several connecting flights and reserving them all for your items. AirFreight.com offers each of these services to our clients and then makes sure they go off without a hitch. We take a proactive approach to each delivery, tracking your flight while it’s on its way and responding quickly but decisively if anything happens that could throw it off. In this way, we achieve rapid, reliable air freight outcomes.

Air Freight Laredo

Air Charter

Another solution to a supply shortfall is to charter a new flight and reserve it for your supplies. Air charters can be good for any company on a short deadline, but they're especially valuable for those Laredo businesses whose supplies come from rural corners of the US and Mexico. These locations often don’t have a lot of scheduled flights into Laredo or into cities with connecting flights to Laredo; a chartered direct flight to Laredo can thus make a huge difference to delivery speed. AirFreight.com partners with the many affiliated cargo airlines in our network to charter new flights from a wide range of locations. We then offer the same tracking and ground coordination that we do with standard air freight so that your items reach Laredo without delay.

Air Charter Laredo

Same-Day Hand-Carry

AirFreight.com not only keeps your delivery free of delay but also wards off any other form of disruption. For clients who need to ship sensitive items, disruption may mean anything that disturbs their supplies or discloses what they are to the outside world. Our team can thus assign an affiliated courier to go to your items directly, pick them up, and bring them onto the plane. This courier can keep your items in their arms the entire time so that no one has a chance to look at them and any risk to them is minimal. They’ll only let go of your items when they hand them off to you, so you can be confident in a secure chain of conveyance.

Laredo Same-Day Hand-Carry

Explore All Shipping Options

Air Cargo

With air cargo express shipping, a cargo delivery can be made within the U.S., Canada, or Mexico in just hours.
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Air Charter

AirFreight.com’s air charter services specialize in arranging aircraft charter and jet services, emergency air charter services, and international charters for time-critical freight shipments.
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Air Freight

Our air freight broker services offer clients an efficient way to send expedited and urgent freight.
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Expedited Truckload

Whether you need a dedicated truck, flatbed, van, reefer, or a team, AirFreight.com’s expedited truckload services have you covered.

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Hot Shot Trucking

Our hot shot trucking services are ideal for large cargo that may have unconventional weight, dimensions, or packaging.

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Same-Day Delivery

Emergencies happen. Standard deliveries can go wrong. To ensure your time-critical freight reaches its destination, AirFreight.com offers same-day delivery services.

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