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When it Comes to Satisfied Clients, We Deliver

Expedited Freight Company | ExpeditedFreightCompamy.com is a global leader in premium freight services for the expedited shipping industry.

Expedited Freight Company offers Time Critical Freight Solutions. We specialize in expedited freight services via truck and aircraft. When time is absolutely vital, our "Best-in-Class" expedited freight services ensure that your shipment arrives on time and in perfect condition. Simply put, we are the experts in expediting.

The Expedited Freight Company Difference

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For more than a decade, leading companies have relied on Expedited Freight Company to ensure rapid delivery of air cargo and dedicated trucking emergency freight. Because we have served clients in nearly every industry and vertical, we have the depth of expertise necessary to ensure that we understand your specific shipping needs. When you're facing the tightest of deadlines, Expedited Freight Company is the dedicated carrier on whom you can rely -- every single time.

We coordinate with leading air charter comanpanies, air cargo airlines and ground expeditors to deliver your time definite freight almost anywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico within hours. Our vetting process is the industry's most rigorous, which ensures that we offer the most reliable transport services in the industry. We also forge close partnerships with many leading cargo airlines, which allows us to gain detailed visibility into scheduled cargo flights, and the flexibility to schedule new flights to meet a client's needs. No matter where you are, no matter where you are shipping to, we will get your items there rapidly and in good condition.

Unlike other shipping firms, we also eliminate all gaps in the transportation chain. Many clients can't get their cargo to the airport, or have it shipped from the airport once it arrives at the new destination. We provide a true end-to-end shipping solution. If necessary, we will drive your cargo to the airport for you and ship it to its final destination after it arrives.

If that sounds like the right service for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated expedite team and let us show you the Expedited Freight Company Difference in action.

Why do we succeed where other cargo service companies fail? Four reasons:

  • An Unyielding Commitment to Safety - Effective logistics begins with a safe, careful approach to shipping. Nobody wants to receive supplies or finished goods that were damaged in transit, so we take vigorous measures to ensure that every shipment arrives without dings, dents or other forms of damage. We care for each of our shipments as if they were our own supplies and products.
  • The Speed Our Clients Need - While safety is critical, we never compromise on speed. A late shipment can be just as devastating for a customer as a damaged shipment, and few poor business practices alienate customers faster than delayed deliveries. Our expedited delivery services ensure that our clients never waste time, money or opportunities waiting in vain for late deliveries. If you need an emergency shipment, we should be your first and only call.
  • Seamless Customer Service - Today's businesses don't just need expedited cargo -- they also need expedited customer service. That's why we've created a streamlined sign up process that allows you to purchase our services in the fastest and most frictionless way possible. Our team of expert expediters will walk you through our easy-to-understand fee structures and help you choose the expedited service that's right for you. After all, if you need an emergency shipment, you don’t have time to wait.
  • Peerless Customer Support - At Expedited Freight Company, we believe it's imperative to be fully accessible. If you ever have a question about a delivery, you can rest easy that we'll be there to answer it promptly. Other companies obscure their contact information or attempt to automate all customer support, but we pride ourselves on being the industry's most open and responsive expedited carrier. You deserve nothing less.

How Do We Guarantee Timely Shipping?

It's simple: We execute a four-step process that is designed to deliver maximize client satisfaction.

Expedited Freight Company Shipping

Our process includes:

  • Detailed planning -- as one of the leading expedited carriers in North America, we understand the myriad factors that can stand in the way of prompt transport. We head off potential problems by anticipating them. We analyze road conditions, traffic patterns, weather forecasts, airline schedules and other factors to create the optimal delivery route for our clients.
  • Tracking -- this technology has revolutionized shipping, and we use it to its full capacity. Our tracking software offers real-time visibility into your cargo, allowing us to tell you precisely where it is and when it will be delivered. If weather conditions or airline schedules present a problem, our tracking software helps us initiate an immediate solution.
  • The best partners -- we have the industry’s highest standards for partnership. All of the cargo airlines and ground delivery firms we partner with are fully vetted. We insist that they meet our own exacting standards.
  • A team of experts -- our team will consistently beat your expectations. Our ground teams work in pairs, ensuring that someone is always fresh and ready to transport your cargo. Our customer service team is available 24/7 and will get you the cargo service with absolute urgency.
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Your Shipping Options

Each express delivery presents its own set of needs, but we have a framework that fits them all.

We offer:

  • Air Charter
  • Same Day Trucking
  • Overnight Air Freight
  • Next Day Delivery

Here’s our promise: We will never make you wait one minute longer than necessary to send or receive a shipment.

Our express shipping consistently outperforms the competition, and we’ll never stop trying to make shipping even faster and safer. Reach out to our expert customer service team, and let them help you determine the shipping option that best serves your needs.

The Gold Standard for Express Carriers

Expedited Freight Company Carriers Almost every company will eventually be faced with an urgent shipping deadline. In such cases, these businesses want two things: To get their cargo in transit as quickly as possible and to have peace of mind that it will arrive on time and in good condition.

Our company was built for this purpose. We provide on-time express deliveries through strategic planning, advanced technology, real-time positioning and peerless customer service and support.

Because we developed an innovative logistics model that allows us to partner with numerous vetted cargo airlines and ground shipping firms, we also have uncommon flexibility. An express freight company that operates its own fleet is far more limited in its ability to respond quickly to contingencies.

Expedited Freight Company also makes the process of getting started as painless as possible. We understand that companies facing emergency shipping don’t have time for long explanations or confusing pricing. That’s why we give all customers a single, dedicated point of contact from the very first call. You’ll never have to repeat what you’ve said, or wait for someone to get up to speed.

Our customer support contact will walk you through your options, offer suggestions, provide clear and transparent pricing information and help you track your shipment over the life of its delivery. No matter how unusual or challenging your freight expediting needs are, we have a process in place to deliver -- every single time.

All of these characteristics make Expedited Freight Company the gold standard among freight companies. If you need next day freight, overnight freight or a same day carrier, there’s only one call you need to make.

Contact us immediately if you need assistance with expedited delivery.

Call (800) 713-1000

Founded and Led by a Team of Logistics Experts

About Expedited Freight Company

Our founder and CEO, Dan Boaz, has spent more than 30 years developing innovative new solutions for the logistics market.

After beginning his career as a driver, industrial engineer and operations supervisor for UPS, Dan was later named District Manager for Associated Global Systems and President of Vital Express.

Thanks to a keen understanding of the impact the Internet would have on global shipping, Dan began formulating plans for a new kind of logistics company -- one that would harness the power of the Internet and other technologies to transform the nature of the industry.

Today, Expedited Freight Company is that vision made real. We have grown from a small startup to an industry leader by applying our innovative model, one that gives us greater flexibility and responsiveness through coordination with trusted private air charter carriers, cargo airlines and expedited trucking companies.

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