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Same Day Services Arranged by AirFreight.com

Rapid. Reliable. Relentless. Same-day delivery service arranged by AirFreight.com eliminates emergencies, getting your parts and products where you need them, when you need them.

Whether you’re facing a shipping crisis, or simply looking to make standard service faster, same-day air and ground solutions arranged by AirFreight.com can help.

We find the most effective, efficient, and affordable solutions for your freight, both through regularly scheduled flights, air charters, and dedicated ground couriers.

With AirFreight.com as your logistics partner, you will be perfectly prepared to secure supplies and cater to customers under any circumstances. Not every shipment is the same, but regardless of its size, shape, or destination, you’ll get the same outstanding service and support every time. You can trust and depend on AirFreight.com to arrange all of your time sensitive shipping safely and securely.

We Arrange: Same Day Air Services


Here is how AirFreight.com can help you with same-day air and ground support – today!

Often, the only possible way to meet a same-day shipping deadline is through air power. When your freight needs to fly, call the experts at AirFreight.com for arranging options anywhere within North America. For same-day air service there are two flight paths:

  • Scheduled - This type of same day delivery involves reserving space on a flight operated by a trusted air carrier that regularly travels between two destinations and carries cargo for multiple customers. If you are making long-term plans for your company, scheduling same day air services ensures that you will have regular access to critical freight from any starting point.
  • Unscheduled - With unscheduled same day service, you charter a flight from an air carrier to carry your orders and no one else’s. This flight will operate on a timetable that works for you and will only visit the airports that are on your route. While this arrangement isn’t ideal for regular deliveries, it is one of the most effective ways to solve shipping crises.

Scheduled Flights

Same Day Scheduled Flights

This involves reserving space on a scheduled flight operated by a licensed air carrier that carries cargo for multiple customers or booking it on the next flight out. For long-term shipping plans, scheduling same-day air services ensures regular access to critical freight capacity from any starting point.

Scheduled flights are economical, predictable, and use both commercial passenger and freighter aircraft from major airlines at most airports across the country. If your shipping timeline is too compressed or unpredictable to wait for scheduled or next flight out air service, you still have options.

Unscheduled/Charter Flights

Unscheduled/ Charter Flights

With unscheduled same-day service, an aircraft is chartered from an air carrier to exclusively carry your freight. This flight operates on a timetable that works for you and only visits airports on your route. While this arrangement is not ideal for regular deliveries, it is one of the most effective ways to solve a shipping crisis.

For ultra-critical shipments, same day air charter is the logical choice. By arranging tailor-made air charter solutions, your most urgent air freight arrives when required. We'll assist in determining the best charter solution for your air freight shipment needs, research carrier availability, then negotiate the best charter price for your budget. Our air charter pricing is customized specifically to your actual needs, combined with the ideal aircraft type to ensure that your urgent air cargo arrives securely and on time. Air charter service has many advantages for your most urgent same-day air freight.

For ultra-critical shipments, same-day air charter is the logical choice. By providing tailor-made air charter solutions, your most urgent air freight arrives when required. We'll assist in determining the best charter solution for your air freight shipment needs, research carrier availability, then negotiate the best charter price for your budget. Our air charter pricing is customized specifically to your actual needs, combined with the ideal aircraft type to ensure that your urgent air cargo arrives securely and on time. Air charter service has many advantages for your most urgent same-day air freight.

With a charter arranged by AirFreight.com you get:

  • Exclusive use of an aircraft optimized to meet your shipment’s needs. We use our industry expertise to match your shipment to the right air carrier who will provide the rightsized aircraft, including short, medium, and long-haul types.
  • The fastest delivery possible. Sending your freight by air charter is the quickest same-day air shipment method available.
  • Remote origin and/or destination capability. Dirt airstrip or no airstrip the only way in or out? Many of the air carrier’s aircraft can easily handle rugged conditions with little or no support infrastructure necessary – anywhere in North America.
  • Complete shipment flexibility. Your freight may start at a major airport hub but end its journey on a grass field. With virtually no limitations on shipment size, we arrange all of those transition details seamlessly so you don't have to.
  • In-flight tracking. You'll know where your freight is – always, at all times.
Air Cargo Shipment

Our agents analyze air carriers’ routes, payloads, and flight schedules in order to find the most suitable cargo aircraft for your requirements. We'll match the ideal same-day air charter option to your specific needs. Depending on your freight’s final destination, it may fly on more than one type to get there, first landing at a major airport on a long-haul aircraft and from there heading out on a local short-haul charter.

There are many scenarios that call for air charter freight broker services. It could be a special event proceeding as planned or keeping production at full capacity in a remote location. At AirFreight.com, you can always rely on our team of agents to arrange for the transportation of any air freight shipment - including oversized cargo, high-value cargo and more. Depend on us to find the most appropriate solution via our extensive air carrier network and 24/7/365 operations.

We Arrange: Same Day Ground Services

AirFreight.com provides the same outstanding performance, coordinated logistics, tracking and customer service for its ground transportation broker services as it does for itsts same day air cargo broker services. The trucking companies in our carrier network have over 50,000 traceable express delivery vehicles ready to go nationwide, thus, going by ground doesn’t mean going slow or flying blind. From cargo and Sprinter vans to large straight trucks, a customized ground solution with dedicated trucking for your freight is just a call or click away.

Same Day Delivery Trucking

We arrange same-day ground services to destinations throughout North America. This includes finding and selecting trucking companies specializing in palletized and containerized product, bulk liquid management, or temperature-controlled distribution. The trucking companies also have special equipment available to provide you expedited trucking with a full range of commodity transport options, including: flat beds, refrigerated units, roller beds and step decks. Vehicle freight payload capacities can range anywhere from 2,000 to 44,000 pounds, with decks, doors and beds to accommodate almost any sized freight.

Two factors determine if same-day delivery by ground transportation will work for you: how early you call, and how far the shipment is going. If these align, your agent will arrange for either a courier company to take your freight, or a trucking company with a two-man driver team ready for a non-stop drive. Your goods will be the only cargo on the truck. You won't have to worry about time-consuming stops to pick up and discharge other shipments, not when every minute counts.


Expedited Sprinter Vans

For same-day ground service, Expedited Sprinter vans are a faster option than box trucks and semis over shorter distances - especially less than 500 miles for loads under 3000lbs. The Sprinter van shipments arranged by Airfreight.com are for exclusive use, so your freight is the only shipment on the truck from pickup to delivery. It is loaded once and driven directly to its destination. Expedited Sprinter vans are easier to maneuver than larger trucks in dense urban or high traffic areas. This nimbleness contributes to their overall delivery speed, getting your freight there faster.


Expedited Sprinter vans are one of the most cost-effective ways of shipping direct via ground, up to 66 percent less than box trucks, semis and air freight! Since Sprinter vans are smaller and lighter than standard dock-high straight trucks, they cost less to operate per mile which means lower freight charges for you.

Expedited Sprinter van service is comparable to air freight delivery times over certain distances, but at a fraction of the cost. When it has to get there fast without breaking the bottom line, expedited Sprinter vans are an excellent option.

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What You Get

Same Day Air Cargo

AirFreight.com understands getting your same-day shipment to its final destination is the most important thing in your universe.

We take the same approach with every customer we serve by building trust through transparency and superlative service.

Need your freight picked up and delivered to the airport? Hand-carried? Chaperoned? No problem! 

AirFreight.com is pleased to provide you:

  • Free freight quotes - AirFreight.com arranges affordable, effective solutions at multiple price points, accommodating your budget with ease. Your quote shows all possible costs – without any hidden fees, giving you a clear idea of exactly how much you will pay.
  • Customized solutions, options, and opportunities - We do all the logistical legwork to find what works best for your specific shipment. AirFreight.com’s decades of arranging same-day shipping experience are working on your behalf and behind every solution.
  • Real-time tracking - AirFreight.com invests in the latest tracking technology, and our team is happy to give you updates whenever you need them. By being proactively engaged with your shipment, we also use this tracking technology to plan around air traffic, inclement weather, and connecting flight cancelations. For both scheduled and chartered services arranged by Airfreight.com, we ensure that nothing stands in the way of timely deliveries.
  • Hand carry - Airfreight.com will select a dedicated courier company to maintain in-transit, end-to-end physical possession of your shipment.
  • Inside delivery - We arrange white glove service seamlessly integrated with our time definite inside pickup and delivery of same-day shipments.
  • Constant contact - Our team is always available to answer your questions, provide status on your order’s location, and take new instructions 24/7/365.
  • Experienced agents - You'll work with the same agent from start to finish, ensuring consistent communication, eliminating misunderstandings, and improving the quality of your entire shipping experience. Through our broker services, we have extensive expertise handling critical needs for companies of all sizes, ages, and industries.

AirFreight.com works with many different transportation specialists and carriers to arrange to move any sized freight safely and securely. Getting it there same-day is no good if it is damaged, so we only use experienced motor carriers and air carriers with the right equipment, every time.

Whether it is a regular shipment across town, across the country, or an emergency expedite request burning a hole in your production schedule, AirFreight.com is your same-day solution on the ground and in the clouds.

Call (800) 713-1000

Call (800) 713-1000