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Hot Shot Transportation Services for Urgent Freight Delivery

Your freight has to get out for delivery immediately.

Whether you need equipment parts picked up from the airport for last mile delivery to the facility plant, or you are shipping palletized crates to a B2B customer, you don't have to wait for the shipment to be loaded and delivered. AirFreight.com provides hot shot transportation services so you can ship and receive freight the moment that a shipment order is placed.

Ground Hot Shot Transportation

Our hot shot transportation company has a partner carrier network across the United States, Mexico and Canada. So we can serve B2B customers no matter where they are located to provide same day and next day delivery services. 

Same Day Delivery Trucking

Whether it is a short trip across town or a longer trip across several states, we will get your freight delivered with our expedited ground leg services:

  • We offer sprinter vans that can carry up to 4,000 lbs to securely transport crates and small equipment.
  • Our small straight trucks carry up to 6,500 lbs of freight for expedited and full truck load shipments that make longer distances.
  • Our large straight trucks can handle bigger and heavier jobs as these trucks can transport palletized freight and large machinery weighing up to 12,500 lbs.
  • You obtain a dedicated vehicle for your exclusive use as you can make a full truck load or simply ship a few pallets or crates.
  • Our vehicles will only stop for refueling as your shipment will go directly to its destination without any cross-docking, switches or transfers.

Hot Shot Transportation Services for All Industries

Hot Shot Transportation Services Here at Airfreight.com, we work with multiple industries to get their shipments to other business locations and clients. Chemical facilities, construction work sites, oil & gas processors, electrical component shops, engineering organizations and many other companies request delivery from our hot shot transportation company to get reliable solutions for a range of delivery situations.

  • Point-to-Point: We will pick up the shipment from your warehouse or business doors and get it to the specified destination for same day or next day service
  • Last Mile Services: If your shipment is already halfway to the destination and needs last mile delivery, we'll get it picked up from its location and loaded on our trucks.
  • Airport Pick up/Drop off: We'll get the shipment to the airport for the consolidated or chartered flight. If the shipment is already in the air and you just need reliable transportation to make the final delivery, AirFreight.com can do that work too.
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AirFreight.com Handles All Hot Shot Freight


If you have emergency shipments late in the day, or a just-in-time shipment crate that has to get to operations across the country, we will get it delivered.

  • Emergency and Urgent Freight
  • JIT Shipments
  • Time-Sensitive Freight
  • Time-Critical Freight
  • Late Shipments
  • Expedited Trucking and Full Truck Load Shipments

Contact out company today for service information or to receive a quote. AirFreight.com is the preferred hot shot transportation company in the industry.

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