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Hot Shot Services: Fast Delivery of Your Urgent Freight

Freight shipments can appear at any time, as you require immediate delivery services.

AirFreight.com offers hot shot trucking solutions to B2B companies. No matter the time of day, our freight logistical company will get it out on the road and to its destination in a few hours.

Hot Shot Ground Transportation

Don't wait for the next day to arrange for delivery. When you contact AirFreight.com, we'll help you make arrangements for same day, overnight, next day or two-day delivery based on the shipment's destination. Just tell us where to pick it up and where it needs to be dropped off as we'll tell you of all the transportation options that are available.

Hot Shot Ground Transportation
  • We provide sprinter vans, small straight trucks and large straight trucks for your hot shot freight.
  • Our dedicated agents match the size, shape and weight of the freight to the right size of the van or truck to cut down on costs.
  • You obtain exclusive use of the vehicle as only your freight will be on board to cut down on the number of delivery stops.
  • Our professional and trained drivers will safely load and handle your freight with utmost care to ensure a fast and secure delivery.
  • Our vast carrier partner network allows us to handle both LTL and full truck loads anywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Hot Shot Deliveries for B2B Cargo

Hot Shot Deliveries When it comes to the fastest ground legs delivery in the country, companies turn to AirFreight.com as their hot shot trucking company.

We work with a wide range of industries, from construction to energy, to get your crates, palletized cargo, equipment and heavy machinery out the door and to the specified loading dock whether it is across town or across the state.

Freight that we can handle includes:

  • Just-in-time freight
  • Emergency and urgent freight
  • Time sensitive cargo
  • Late shipments
  • Overnight shipments
  • Off-peak hour shipments
  • Ground leg deliveries
  • Last mile deliveries
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Trusted and Dedicated Hot Shot Freight Solutions

Hot Shot Freight Solutions Get in touch with one of our agents at AirFreight.com. We will handle all of the logistical details by working with you to find out the best transportation options available based on the cargo, the freight destination and your budget. You will be matched up with a dedicated agent who will become your single point of contact throughout the entire transportation process.

  • Our agent will walk you through the ordering process so you get the best service option that is right for your shipment.
  • They will dispatch a vehicle the moment your order is complete as it will arrive in a few hours for freight pickup.
  • The agent handles both invoicing and monitoring of your hot shot shipment's trip to its destination.
  • We provide real-time alerts in case of any unforeseen delays due to bad weather or other circumstances.
  • Your hot shot trucking agent performs follow up regarding your delivery and can answer all of your important questions.

Do you need hot shot services for your freight? Turn to AirFreight.com for same day, next day and two-day delivery solutions. We will get your shipment to its destination in the fastest time possible. Contact us today to learn more about our service pricing, transportation options, or to receive a quote.

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated Carrier Service Our team understands the importance of reliable and timely deliveries. This is why we provide dedicated carrier services that operate based on your schedule. Regardless of the time of the day or night, our team can pick up and deliver your cargo, and you can have confidence that our customer service agents will be available at any time to provide you with updates and to answer any questions you have.

When you call our dedicated carrier company, you can feel confident that you have the dedicated carrier services you need and that the cost of these services won’t exceed your budget. Contact us today to learn more about our dedicated carrier services.

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