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Express Delivery Company: Expedited Freight Shippers

Your urgent and emergency freight needs to get delivered now so there are no business interruptions for your company or your business client.

Airfreight.com provides express delivery services for B2B companies of all industries. If it is a palletized shipment, single crate or replacement machinery, our company will get it to the specified location for same day, next day or two-day delivery depending on the distance.

Ground and Air Express Delivery

Whether your shipment has to go across town or across the country, we have the express delivery services to suit your transportation needs. 

Ground Express Delivery

Our express delivery company offers both ground and air options:

  • Ground Point to Point: Receiving or shipping freight and need ground leg services? We'll go to the site where the freight is located -- whether with a customer, at your warehouse loading dock, or at a worksite -- as our experienced drivers will load the freight and get it delivered.
  • Last Mile Services: Your freight may be arriving at a rail shipping yard, cargo dock or airport as you require last mile services. AirFreight.com will provide express delivery for the rest of the trip.
  • Charted Air Freight: If distance hampers your delivery schedule, our express delivery company can arrange for charted air freight services. We'll pick up your freight, take it to the airport for a scheduled consolidated cargo flight, and pick up the freight when it lands at the airport to provide the last mile service.
  • Expedited Air Cargo: For emergency and time-sensitive shipments that need to get the destination using the fastest shipping methods, we can book an exclusive flight for your freight. The hired pilot will transport your shipment to the airport that is nearest to the final destination as then we can offer same day, next day or two-day delivery.

B2B Express Delivery Services

B2B Express Delivery Services The moment you call our express delivery company, we will provide a dedicated agent who becomes your single point of contact. They will handle all the details.

  • Our agent will arrange the order, dispatch the drivers and handle the shipment invoicing.
  • Simply contact our agent as they will provide follow up services, answer your questions and discuss transportation menu options so you can decide on the best delivery method for your freight.
  • Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to provide same day, next day and two-day delivery services as well as hot shot services and overnight services.
  • We provide real time monitoring of your shipment using satellite GPS tracking so that we will always know where your shipment is heading.

Express delivery transportation just got easier when you work with AirFreight.com. Contact us today to discuss your delivery options and to receive a quote.

Call (800) 713-1000

Call (800) 713-1000