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Lightning-fast service on time and on target in Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful locale known for rest and relaxation, but that philosophy doesn't always extend to your Hawaii air freight shipment needs.

If you're struggling to connect the dots - or the islands - for transporting cargo by air in Hawaii, you're not alone: the geography of the state poses a particular challenge for most mainland-based transportation companies. Thankfully, AirFreight.com isn't your average transportation company.

We're ready to fly on your schedule and deliver lightning-fast service, such as 24 hours to Oahu from any mainland destination, and 2 days to any other Hawaiian island. We focus exclusively on deadline-sensitive heavy freight and commercial shipments in order to give you the best air freight service in Hawaii; peace of mind is included free of charge.

On Time and On Target in Hawaii

Air Freight Hawaii At AirFreight.com, we aren't "expanding" our Air Freight services to Hawaii, in fact, we've been proudly serving the Hawaiian islands with the same commitment to quality as our mainland shipping services for years. Just as we offer dedicated flights through a nationwide network of aircraft in the lower 48, our Hawaii-based or Hawaii-aimed shipments will also enjoy a single point of contact and an aircraft perfectly suited to the size and speed requirements of a given air freight shipment.

When you call us to help, your deadlines instantly become our deadlines! We always offer crystal-clear quotes and keep our commitments, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business or event. Don't risk your time-sensitive materials or products arriving too late: boats from the mainland can be delayed and consumer-level shipping methods simply don't offer the assurance and commitment to satisfaction that we do, particularly in the B2B sphere. When you need it there, and you need it fast, there's no substitute for Hawaii air freight services from AirFreight.com.

Your Versatile Hawaiian Shipping Solution

Hawaii Shipping

It's easy to get "lost in the weeds" when scrambling for a shipping solution to or from Hawaii: comparing quotes, connecting services and losing sight of the big picture: getting your freight there on time. At AirFreight.com, we're able to leverage the power of our large-scale network of dedicated ground transportation in addition to dedicated shipment flights to and from Oahu and other islands for a seamless solution.

This means that you'll only need one quote, one point of contact, and one delivery to get your package, palette, or other commercial freight shipment exactly where you need it to be. For ultra-critical shipments, we even have a local agent in the islands to oversee and implement every aspect of your deadline-sensitive or emergency shipment. You'll get the same stellar service whether you're shipping a set of materials from Ohio to Oahu or need a specialty air freight quote in Honolulu.

Built for Business

Rarely does location prove to be such a barrier to last-minute shipping solutions as it does in the case of Hawaii. While some companies have the benefit of weeks or months of advance notice to seek out shipping solutions, island-oriented businesses might not have the same luxury. Arranging cargo containers and timing shipments by boat requires time that isn't always on the table in a time crunch. At AirFreight.com, we feel that Hawaii-oriented freight shippers should have access to the same deadline-critical shipment solutions as their lower 48 counterparts, whether their journey ends or begins on the islands.

From in-the-moment movement updates that keep your company informed about your freight to a single, professional point of contact throughout your shipment's journey, we deliver on time and above expectations. Our service lets you enjoy "Hawaiian Time" by solving your deadline crunches: our services run on your schedule, period. Freight shipping to and from the islands might have been a headache for you in the past, but there's no need to worry anymore: we're on call to make sure it's smooth sailing.

Hawaii Air Freight

If you wish to see our commitment to our nationwide customers firsthand? Be sure to read our client testimonials!

If you're ready to send your air freight into or out of the Hawaiian islands with efficiency, expediency and reliability, call AirFreight.com at (800) 713-1000 to discuss your Hawaii air freight requirements and how our services can work for you. Alternately, use the easy quote form below to get a customized quote for your Hawaiian air shipment: we're standing by, ready to work hard so that you can "Hang Loose"!