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Reliably Rapid: How SameDayAir.com Meets Any Time Crunch

Air freight and charter services to eliminate emergencies and speed up standard shipping.

Whether you’re facing a shipping crisis or simply looking to make standard services faster, SameDayAir.com can help. We work with airlines to find the most effective, affordable solutions for your freight, both by scheduling space on regular flights and chartering deliveries for you specifically. With our aid, you will be perfectly prepared to secure supplies and cater to customers under any circumstances.

Scheduled & Chartered Same Day Air Services

Same Day Air

If you don’t trust trucks to handle your orders, it’s likely the items you’re shipping are too critical for you to wait for them. Same day air freight allows you to obtain those items in a matter of hours no matter how far they must travel to get to you. Such services fit into two main categories:

  • Scheduled - This type of same day delivery involves reserving space on a flight that regularly travels between two destinations and carries cargo for multiple customers. If you are making long-term plans for your company, scheduling same day air services ensures that you will have regular access to critical freight from any starting point.
  • Unscheduled - With unscheduled same day service, you charter a flight to carry your orders and no one else’s. This flight will operate on a timetable that works for you and will only visit the airports that are on your route. While this arrangement isn’t ideal for regular deliveries, it is one of the most effective ways to solve shipping crises.

As a same day air company, SameDayAir.com organizes both types of deliveries. By getting you regular shipping during ordinary times and saving the situation in emergencies, we ensure that shipping is never a barrier to success for your business.

Savvy Service from SameDayAir.com

  • Our team is always available to answer your questions, inform you on your order’s location, and take new instructions
  • We have extensive experience handling critical needs for companies of all sizes, ages, and industries
  • We offer a variety of service options at multiple price points, accommodating your budget with ease
  • Besides organizing the flight, we get your order to the plane and then to its destination after it lands

How SameDayAir.com Keeps You Up to Date

When you first inquire about our services, SameDayAir.com will offer you a free freight quote. This quote takes all possible costs into account, giving you a clear idea of how much you will be paying. If it doesn’t fit your budget, we are happy to help you find another option that does.

Besides helping you estimate the price of your order, we also keep you informed of its position. SameDayAir.com invests in the latest tracking technology, and our team is happy to give you updates whenever you need them. We can also use this tracking technology to plan around air traffic, inclement weather, and connecting flight cancelations. For both scheduled and chartered services, we ensure that nothing stands in the way of timely deliveries.

Same Day Air Services

SameDayAir.com offers affordable, effective solutions for your air freight needs. For more information, contact us today at (800) 713-1000.

Call (800) 713-1000



It happens: a standard delivery goes wrong, a crucial part fails, or the supply chain breaks. Now the buffer you built into your schedule is gone but your freight still has to reach its destination - today. SameDayAir.com can make it happen. Successful deliveries are only achieved through careful, detailed planning. We work with you to develop a last mile delivery plan that guarantees same day services are supported by cost-effective options whether the final destination is a home, a business or even the middle of nowhere.

Choosing the right same day shipping partner is a critical business decision. With SameDayAir.com, experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes from an expert delivery plan and working with a dedicated expeditor from start to finish. For more information, contact us today at (800) 713-1000. We look forward to working with you as your complete logistics provider partner!

Founded in 2007 by Dan Boaz as part of AirFreight.com, SameDayAir.com began changing the transportation landscape by using the Internet and other advanced tracking technologies to increase customer confidence, convenience and quality. Expedited Freight Company is a privately held company with corporate offices located in Newport Beach, California.

Call (800) 713-1000

Call (800) 713-1000