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Overnight Services

Overnight Services From AirFreight.com.

Overnight Services

Because when we tell you your shipment is going to be there tomorrow, we mean it.

Over the years, we've come to realize that one of the most important things we can do as  shipping and logistics provider involves never making a promise we can't keep. This is especially true when it comes to our overnight services and other time-sensitive solutions, as the stakes couldn't be higher and your execrations shouldn't just be met, but exceeded.

If you have an urgent or otherwise time critical shipment, you need it to go out as quickly as possible. The journey of those items must begin right away. So when you invest in overnight services, you expect exactly that - that your items will be delivered tomorrow at the absolute latest.

Overnight Freight Service

Our Overnight Services: Breaking Things Down

You don't have two days when you're trying to get parts across the country to an assembly line before you experience a costly and time-consuming shutdown. You don't have "three days, tops" when you need to get that back-ordered item into the hands of a customer who has been waiting patiently but who won't remain so forever. You need a guarantee that your shipment is going to be delivered in a true overnight services fashion - and that's exactly what we're prepared to give you at AirFreight.com.

Overnight Logistics

Logistics Professionals

Sure, not every situation will necessarily call for something as lightning-fast as our overnight services - and that's perfectly okay. We have a wide array of more traditional options for you to choose from depending on your needs. But when time is running out and the stakes couldn't be higher, we'll pull out all the stops to make sure that the successful delivery of your shipment is no longer a matter of "if" but "when."

Not long after you pick up the phone and inform us about the exact details of the items that you need shipped, our team of passionate and talented logistics professionals will snap into action - coming up with the absolute best route and strategy to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. In truth, your dedicated agent will likely have already started researching routes and shipping partners before you've even hung up the phone!

Dedicated Agent

Dedicated Agent

Note that we just used the phrase "dedicated agent," and that's exactly what we mean. Many of our customers have told us in the past that when they worked with other providers, they quickly grew sick and tired of getting bounced around from person to person every time they called in to check on the status of a shipment. They often had to repeat themselves and felt like nobody was truly "listening," this despite how admittedly friendly everyone worked hard to be.

When you partner with AirFreight.com for all of your overnight services needs, on the other hand, we do things a bit differently. You'll be given a direct line to a dedicated agent to call your very own - someone who will gladly answer any questions and address any concerns that you may have, and who will be available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Delivery Management Systems

Delivery Management Systems

Another one of the major resources that allows us to guarantee that your freight arrives the very next day after it is shipped has to do with the innovative technology that we've honed and perfected over the years. Our Delivery Management Systems, for example, play a crucial role in making sure that your materials arrive exactly when you need them to. We also use a series of sophisticated satellite systems to always maintain a close eye on your shipment for the duration of its journey - regardless of how long that journey happens to take.

At any given moment, you're just a few quick mouse-clicks away from instant, accurate and real-time updates into your shipment's status. You'll always know how far it has traveled, where it is and what its estimated time of arrival happens to be. In the incredibly unlikely event that your shipment experiences some type of truly unavoidable delay, you'll know about it right away - thus putting you in an excellent position to make accommodations on your end so that no people are left waiting.

Your Overnight Services Options

Generally speaking, when you need critical items to get across not only the United States but also Canada and Mexico in the shortest amount of time possible, there are two main overnight services options that you can choose from to help accomplish exactly that: overnight trucking and overnight air freight.

Dedicated Driving Team

Dedicated Driving Team

To speak to the former, depending on the nature of your delivery and the distance it has to travel, the chances are high that we'll be able to dispatch a team of dedicated drivers directly to your location no more than a few short hours after you initially give us a call. Those drivers will load your items onto exactly the right type of specialty vehicle and take them wherever they need to go, no exceptions. Those drivers will be able to switch off with one another at strategic points in the journey, making sure that the only stops they have to make are for fuel. Nothing else will stand in the way of your items getting where they need to be on-time and in full.

Next Flight Out

Next Flight Out

If your items have a bit too far to travel to the point where they CAN'T go exclusively via ground transportation, that's okay - we'll secure you space on the next flight out at the local airport. Over the decade that we've been in business, we've developed relationships with all the greatest air partners in the area and we'll leverage the full weight of those relationships to your advantage.

Air Charter

Air Charter

If the next flight out isn't leaving for hours or if there isn't actually enough space to accommodate your needs, we'll schedule you a charter to call your very own. This means that the plane will leave on YOUR terms and your items will be the ONLY items on board. Not only does this again go a long way towards eliminating the possibility of any time-consuming delays, but it can also prevent your items from getting lost or damaged in transit, too.

Oftentimes, it'll be a combination of these methods that will see your job through to completion - but that's okay, because as the old saying reminds us, "anything worth doing is worth doing right."

If this wide array of different options sounds a bit overwhelming, don't worry - based on the specifics of your shipment, your dedicated agent will explain ALL of your various choices to you in great detail. They'll work hard to make sure you have the most complete picture to work from in terms of which method will deliver your items in the ways that you need, always putting you in an excellent position to make the right choice no matter what.

Your Overnight Services Journey is About to Begin - Contact Us Today!


In the end, another one of the major qualities that separates AirFreight.com from so many other logistics and shipping providers is that we truly value our customers and what they represent. After all, without our customers, we wouldn't have been able to enjoy the decade of success that we've had up to this point - and that is one trend that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The only way we've been able to build our reputation has involved taking a great deal of pride in delivering the results and services that people have come to expect from us. When you need overnight services, you know that you can come to the best to help make the impossible possible - and the one word you'll never hear when you give us a call is "no."

So if you have any additional questions about our overnight services and exactly what they entail, or if you'd just like to fill us in on the details of your critical shipment so that the journey of your freight can begin right away, please don't delay - contact AirFreight.com today.

For more information, please contact us at (800) 713-1000.

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