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Air Freight
Columbia, SC
(803) 403 - 9055

Air Freight Columbia South Carolina

Soda City Solutions: Air Freight Service Columbia, South Carolina.

Located in Richland County right in the heart of South Carolina, Columbia has always been a city that looks to the future. The town is home to the flagship of the University of South Carolina system, providing invaluable education that keeps the people of South Carolina prepared for any innovations and inventions that economic development might bring. The Soda City also brings together a wide range of industries, including healthcare providers like Humana Blue Cross Blue Shield; manufacturers like Square D, International Paper, Union Switch & Signa, and Honeywell; and technology companies like Bose Technology. Between this diversity of industries and the city’s education population, continued prosperity is easily and consistently achieved!

Air Freight Columbia SC

Air Freight Columbia, South Carolina

To keep the prosperity coming, AirFreight.com offers expedited freight coordination services so that local businesses never lack the supplies they need. We coordinate deliveries from all over the country, as well as from Mexico and Canada, to bring your company essential supplies in under 24 hours, no matter the source or nature of those supplies. If you need to quickly shuttle some inputs from a nearby South Carolina town, we’ll send an affiliated truck out there to do it right away; if you need an air delivery over thousands of miles, we’ll manage the moving pieces to get it done within a day; and if you need anything in between, we’ve got your back!

Hot Shot Trucking Columbia South Carolina

Vibrant Trade Routes

Columbia’s central location in South Carolina means it has easy access to resources and markets throughout the rest of the state, as well as in nearby North Carolina and Georgia. But this central location also puts Columbia at the center of a number of vibrant trade routes, which brings regular business and commuter traffic that can be hard to manage. The number and variety of vehicles using Columbia’s roads are so large as to virtually guarantee traffic jams, which even the most prescient businesses have trouble planning for. The end result is regular delays for business supply deliveries, an issue that is costly for any company but that can be absolutely devastating for the tight-scheduled manufacturers, tech companies, and other businesses that call Columbia home.

AirFreight.com is proud to always be at least one step ahead of the delays. We serve Columbia and myriad other cities in central South Carolina, including Rock Hill, St. Andrews, Florence, Forest Acres, Spartanburg, and Greenville.

AirFreight.com | Columbia, South Carolina

Our specialized shipping strategy allows us to travel to these destinations from any part of the continent in a single day, principally by means of:

Columbia South Carolina Trucking

Dedicated Trucking

AirFreight.com is a dedicated trucking coordinator, meaning that we match you up with affiliated truckers who will carry only your items and no one else’s for the duration of your order. Dedicated trucking contrasts with standard trucking operations, which load multiple customers’ items into a single truck and work all those customers’ destinations into a single trip. While this strategy of serving multiple clients from one truck is perfectly sound and efficient during ordinary times, it won’t fly during an emergency, as building detours and additional stops into your route virtually guarantees that the driver won’t be taking the fastest path to you. By coordinating only dedicated deliveries, AirFreight.com avoided this problem and keeps your goods flowing in at the fastest possible speed.

Air Freight Company Columbia SC

Comprehensive Planning

When we say that we plan deliveries at the fastest possible speed, we mean that holistically. It’s not just that we find a direct route made up of roads with high speed limits linking your starting point to Columbia. We also make sure that route doesn’t have any hidden features that will make it slower than it appears on paper. Such features include heavy traffic, whether in general or at the particular time of day when your delivery will be happening; storms or other weather events that can slow down or outright stop a delivery; and pavement damage, which can slow shipping both directly and by leading to road closures and repair operations. We find the route that has the fewest of these issues while still offering a speedy trip to Columbia, and then send our affiliates on that route.

Air Cargo Columbia SC

Air Support

You can probably guess from the name “AirFreight.com” that we offer air delivery coordination services— and those services are every bit as comprehensive as our ground ones! We plan air deliveries much the same way we plan ground ones, by finding a direct flight from your starting point to Columbia with the lowest possible risk of delay from weather, air traffic, airfield repairs, and other disruptions. Should a direct flight be unavailable within your time frame, we’ll instead rely on connecting flights, piecing together the connections necessary to get your goods to Columbia with time to spare. And if even connecting flights won’t cut it, our airline affiliates also give us the ability to charter new flights. We can arrange for a flight that will be reserved exclusively for your goods, which will fly directly from your starting point to Columbia without any delays or layovers. Once your flight is picked or chartered, we’ll use our affiliated trucks to take care of the rest of the journey, coordinating a delivery from your starting point to the starting airport and then another one from the receiving airport to Columbia.

Columbia South Carolina Shipping

Tracking Expertise

While your goods are on their way, be it by truck or by plane, we track them to make sure they’re following the path precisely. If the driver or pilot ever deviates from the path, we contact them to make sure they stay on track; likewise, if we ever discover an unexpected issue that requires deviating from the path, such as a spontaneous storm of traffic jam, we contact the driver or pilot and let them know how to avoid it. We can also use our tracking data to give you regular updates on your order’s location.

To learn more about air freight Columbia or place your next order, call (800) 713-1000 or visit AirFreight.com today.

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