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Air Freight
Bismarck, ND
(701) 212 - 1922


Bolstering Bismarck: Air Freight Service Bismarck Businesses Can Count On.

Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota, and with a metropolitan population of nearly 130,000, it is also one of its largest cities. The town brings together a wide range of different types of businesses and industrial products, all of which produce jobs for residents and wealth for all of the state. Bismarck is particularly well known as a center of health care, with numerous clinics, hospitals, and research facilities all engaged in critical activities to improve the health of North Dakotans and all Americans. The town also has a significant energy impact, with power cooperatives and other businesses finding new, more efficient ways to produce and market electricity.


Air Freight Service Bismarck, North Dakota

AirFreight.com is invested in the success of all these ventures. As a tried and tested provider of air freight services, we’re familiar with the supply needs of Bismarck and its surrounding area, and have put together a dedicated strategy to get those needs met by any means necessary. 

Our speedy fleet of trucks and vast network of affiliated airlines stand at the ready to deliver into Bismarck or other towns in North Dakota at the drop of a hat. Regardless of how remote your starting point is and how little advance notice you give us, we’ll get your goods to you in under 24 hours so that you can get back to bolstering Bismarck’s economy.


Supplying Bismarck

AirFreight.com has spent more than ten years supplying Bismarck and its neighbors, and has gotten to know the town’s unique shipping needs. While North Dakota is largely rural, Bismarck stands out as one of the big urban centers, meaning businesses throughout the state rely on it for critical manufacturing, services, and logistics. This creates opportunities for Bismarck’s economy, but it also means that there’s a high volume of traffic moving through the city at any given moment.


Take the Logistics Off Your Hands

That leads to regular congestion and road closures, problems that have only been exaggerated by the influx of business over the last few years due to the development of the Bakken oil fields. With so much traffic and so little road space, Bismarck businesses have their hands full just trying to plan their daily deliveries.

AirFreight.com takes some of that logistics off your hands when you most need relief. Thanks to all our years supplying Bismarck, as well as neighboring towns like Lincoln, Wing, Wilton, and Regan, we’ve figured out exactly what it takes to coordinate a quick shipment into this area.

AirFreight.com | Bismarck, North Dakota

We’re able to get such shipments started and finished in the space of just 24 hours:

cargo airplane

Vast Reach

AirFreight.com knows that nothing can slow a delivery down more than the long drive out to the starting point. We’ve thus dispensed with that drive almost entirely by recruiting trucks and drivers in key locations all over North America. When you place an order, we won’t need to travel out from Bismarck all the way to your supplier, but instead can find a truck that’s already at your supplier’s location or within two hours of it. We’ll then dispatch that truck, make sure its drivers have the information and support they need to complete the journey on time, and load up your goods as soon as the truck makes it to that location. From there, we’ll either get right on the road to Bismarck or head over to the airline, completing the delivery as quickly as possible in either case.

private jet in the air

Airline Connections

Besides affiliating with trucks and drivers, we also recruit airlines into our network, and we’ve done so on every bit as large a scale. Our affiliated airlines ship regularly between every major urban airport in the US, Mexico, and Canada, as well as regional and local airports they can. Thanks to this network, it’s almost always possible to find a flight that we’ll get your goods to Bismarck within the day. On the off chance that that isn’t possible, we’ll look at the scheduled flights that are available and chart out a chain of connections that will allow us to achieve a same day delivery. And if even chains of connections won’t get the job done, we’ll charter an entirely new flight for your goods that goes directly to Bismarck, taking off as soon as your items reach the airport. One way or another, we’ll get the job done.


Expert Coordination

In addition to recurring airlines and drivers, we’ve hired a brilliant team of coordination specialists who plan out each order and track it each step of the way. Our team looks at all the different roads and flights your items might take to Bismarck, weighing different potential routes based on factors like land and air speed, storm frequency, traffic, and infrastructure quality. They’ll select the route that offers the best balance of these factors, send the truck out, and then monitor it moment by moment to make sure the plan goes off without a hitch. If there is a hitch, our team will take evasive action to find an alternate route and switch your items over to it.


Open Communication

While the AirFreight.com might be specialized, it’s not secretive. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about the terms of our services, the resources and tactics we use, and the cost of delivering between any two locations. For orders that you’re currently waiting on, our team can also check the monitoring data for you, letting you know exactly where your items are at the precise moment you ask. We can also calculate the remaining delivery time, let you know about any traffic or other sources of delay we anticipate hitting, and update you whenever anything changes that we didn’t expect. Whatever you want to know, AirFreight.com is happy to share it, so that you can rest easy while your goods are on their way.

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