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Air Freight
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 583-6200

Air Freight Las Vegas

What do you picture when you think of Las Vegas? If you’re like most people, casinos, hotels, and the neon Strip come directly to mind.

And while that’s certainly a part of the City of Lights, it does not define the town or the more than 2 million people who live around it. Las Vegas is home to countless valuable economic activities, which create value for the entire United States. AirFreight.com is committed to supplying this vibrant area, so that the town can keep growing, innovating, and entertaining for the long haul.

Air Freight Las Vegas Nevada

Air Freight Logistics for the City of Lights

In addition to hotels and casinos, Las Vegas is home to a vibrant housing industry, which is in the middle of a construction boom. It also hosts a number of thriving education institutions, including the College of Southern Nevada, the University of Nevada School of Medicine, and the International Academy of Design & Innovation. All these institutions create wealth for the city, the rest of Nevada, and all of America. But to do so, they must have access to regular supplies. And given that there are more than 2 million people living in the area to share the roads with, getting these supplies is no easy task.

Las Vegas Trucking

Supply Lines

AirFreight.com keeps Las Vegas’s supply lines flowing smoothly by foregoing the roads entirely. Instead, we take to the skies, flying items directly to the city as well as neighboring communities like St. George, Kingman, Paradise, Henderson, and Boulder City. We offer both standard air cargo services, as well as air charter services where we set up a flight for your items alone. In either case, we can get your goods to you by the next day, overnight, or even a few hours later on the same day.

AirFreight.com | Las Vegas, Nevada

AirFreight.com's quality services are made possible in large part by our partnerships with quality airlines:

Air Cargo Las Vegas

Air Cargo Services

We vet each airline in detail, making sure to select one that knows how to ship every variety of item safely and swiftly. We also make sure our airline partners are willing to let us charter flights and will offer us the flexibility to meet your unique needs. In this way, we ensure that we have no trouble providing the specific air cargo services you need for success. Airline vetting also allows us to minimize risks to your items, so that everything you order arrives in mint condition.

Air Freight Nevada

Advanced Tracking Equipment

Besides quality airline partners, AirFreight.com benefits from a vast coverage network that extends across the US and Canada, as well as advanced tracking equipment. This allows us to begin shipping your items from any starting point in a matter of hours, and it lets us keep track of your order in the air. We also plan every delivery in as much detail as possible so as to minimize delays. Finally, if you ever have questions about the location of a current order or the price of a future one, our customer service team is available to answer them.

To learn more about AirFreight.com's services in Las Vegas and across the US, give us a call today at (800) 713-1000.

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