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Air Freight
Columbia, MO
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Air Freight Columbia

Central Missouri Connections: Air Freight Service Columbia Can Count On.

With a population of 124,000, Columbia is the fourth-largest city in Missouri, but you might be forgiven for thinking it’s the largest. The city is, after all, an industrial powerhouse, with a Gross Metropolitan Product larger than that of many small countries and a variety of industries to match. Companies as diverse as MFA Incorporated, ABB Ltd., Unilver, and Scholastic all have major facilities in Columbia or in neighboring Central Missouri communities like Jefferson City and Rolla. There is also the nearby Port of Rocheport, a critical juncture for trade along the Missouri River. Together, these industries and resources constitute a booming economic base that has powered Central Missouri into continual prosperity.

Air Freight Columbia MO

Air Freight Columbia

AirFreight.com is committed to keeping the boom times going. We coordinate emergency delivery services for businesses of all stripes in Columbia, Rolla, Rocheport, Jefferson City, and all over Central Missouri. Our services include both ground and air deliveries, both of which we offer at the fastest speeds modern technology allows. Through careful planning, watchful tracking, and evasive action, we ensure that no obstacles or accidents disrupt your delivery or cause you unexpected delay. 

Expedited Freight Columbia MO

Expedited Freight Company Solutions

As a provider of expedited freight solutions, AirFreight.com is well aware of the challenges that Columbia businesses face getting their supplies. Paradoxically, as the Central Missouri economy has grown, it’s become more difficult to do business here, simply because so many companies are all trying to bring in supplies over the same roads.

Competing suppliers block one another, cut off critical routes, and even produce massive traffic jams that can delay deliveries by hours or even days. A similar problem arises with cargo airlines, which have to compete with one another for limited landing and maintenance space in airports. Combine these issues with the unpredictable local weather and it’s often all local companies can do to get their hands on enough supplies to stay in business.

AirFreight.com simplifies the supply process so you can focus on your company’s long-term growth. As an experienced freight broker, we’re well aware of the problems presented by competing suppliers, and know how to steer around such obstacles.

AirFreight.com | Columbia, Missouri

To do this, we’ve developed a multifaceted strategy, which begins with:

Hot Shot Trucking Columbia MO


Whether they involve planes or trucks, traffic jams are effectively a collective action problem. The key to avoiding them, then, is to plan our deliveries with multiple suppliers in mind. Rather than just looking up the most direct road or flight from your starting point to Columbia and then setting off on that, we also consider what time of day we’ll be delivering at, how heavy traffic is on that route during that time, whether there are any storms forecast for that route, and other factors related to the likelihood of delays. If disruption looks likely, we’ll look into other routes that, while less direct, come with a lower risk of delay and thus a faster overall result. We’ll weigh all the possibilities against one another and identify the best path for your supplies, so that no matter what issues arise with weather, traffic, and infrastructure, your supplies will keep moving until you have them in your hands.

Air Freight Company Columbia MO


Plans are only as useful as the resources used to put them in motion. With that in mind, AirFreight.com has assembled a network of shipping resources that allows us to quickly get going on any and every delivery. We’ve recruited trucks, vans, and tractor trailers in every major city in North America, along with the drivers to operate them. Similarly, we’ve built connections with every major cargo airline in the US, Mexico, and Canada, allowing us to coordinate shipments out of virtually every airport in all three countries. No matter where you’re ordering your supplies from, we’ll be able to get a truck out to them and load them up in under two hours. After that, we’ll either truck them over to the nearest airport or drive them all the way to Columbia; you can count on us to move at the fastest possible speed in either event.

Air Freight Service Columbia


To speed up our services from your starting point to the airport or to Columbia, AirFreight.com has adopted a strategy of dedicated shipping. Dedication means that we don’t place several clients’ items into the same truck. Instead, we reserve a truck for each client, regardless of how many clients we have in that area. Reserving a truck just for you means we’re free to take the best possible route from your starting point to Columbia or to the airport, and don’t have to work you into a broader route serving multiple clients. And because we have such a wide variety of vehicles in our network, we can match the payload size of your delivery vehicle to the volume of your order, so you won’t have to pay for truck space that you aren’t using. Along with this, we send our drivers in teams of two and require them to alternate between working and resting, so that someone is always alert enough to drive and we never need to stop our vehicles overnight.

Express Trucking Columbia


While your delivery is underway, the AirFreight.com team keeps a close eye on the trucks and flights carrying it out. Using the most advanced tracking technology in the industry, we stay apprised of the precise location of your items at all times. We’ll compare this information to reports on traffic, weather, and other events along your air or sky route. If we detect a likely obstacle forming in the path of your order, we’ll react quickly and decisively to keep that order on track. If your items are coming by ground, we’ll direct the driver onto another route; if by air, we’ll schedule or charter a new connection.

You can count on your items to arrive rapidly and reliably, and thus be secure in steady supplies no matter what shipping obstacles you face. To learn more or place an order, call AirFreight.com today at (800) 713-1000.

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