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Air Freight
Springfield, MA
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Springfield Solutions: Air Freight Service Springfield & All Of Western MA.

With a metro population just shy of 700,000, Springfield is the largest metropolis in Massachusetts after Boston and one of the core economic areas of New England. The city gained nationwide fame during the American Civil War thanks to the “Springfield rifles” it manufactured for the Union army. Today, its industrial and economic significance has expanded beyond the production of arms and munitions to include everything from aerospace engineering to energy generation to construction to medicine. Between this diversity of business interests and the city’s strategic location, Springfield has weathered all the challenges of the modern economy and remained a center of wealth and progress for all of New England.


Air Freight Service Springfield, Massachusetts

AirFreight.com wants to keep Springfield at the forefront of New England’s progress. As an air freight service Springfield specialist, we have developed a strategy to broker deliveries from every supply point in North America, all in under a day. 


Shipping Network

Our shipping network consists of a vast array of affiliated trucks and planes, all of which we coordinate from a central office, where we plan deliveries that are robust against any and all sources of delay. By trusting AirFreight.com's endless expertise, you insulate your business against all the challenges of modern logistics and ensure that your supplies never stop flowing in.


Springfield Shipping

AirFreight.com has spent more than ten years supplying Springfield and other towns across Massachusetts, and has gotten a sense of what logistical issues this region has to deal with. Because of Springfield’s diversified economy and dynamic growth, the city’s supply needs rival Boston’s in many ways, but unlike Boston, it’s not located along the nation’s most active supply routes.


Logistical Challenges

This can be an advantage, particularly to the degree that there aren’t as many trucks competing to use the roads into Springfield.

But it also creates problems when the trucks that do need to get into Springfield exceed the capacity of the roads that lead there. When these problems arise, they’re hard to resolve, leading to hours or even days of delay for many businesses in this town.

AirFreight.com cuts the delays short and ensures your shipments are completed on time. We provide premium air and ground freight broker services to Springfield and other western Massachusetts towns like Holyoke, Pittsfield, Northampton, and Amherst, working quickly and decisively to solve all these communities’ supply shortfalls.

AirFreight.com | Springfield, Massachusetts

Our successful shipping strategy consists of many components, including:

cargo airplane

Centralized Coordination

When brokering a shipment that covers thousands of miles and, often, that involves multiple delivery methods rolled into one, it’s important to see the big picture. We do this by establishing a centralized office where our coordination team can keep an eye on the delivery the entire time. Using the latest in route tracking technology, we track each plane and vehicle in our network from the minute it sets out on the road all the way up until you have your supplies. By watching this data from a centralized office, our team is prepared to respond decisively whenever something threatens the timely delivery of your items. Should we need to switch a driver over to a new route, rearrange the chain of connecting flights we’ve scheduled for your item, or charter a new flight, we’ll know about this need as soon as it arises and can quickly take care of it.


Dedicated Drivers

Besides our centralized coordination team, we also take pains to recruit a reliable team of driving affiliates. We look for drivers in every community we serve, and have developed an extensive vetting process to make sure we’re working with only the best of the best. We evaluate each potential affiliate on the basis of their skill, their work experience, their safety track record, their commitment to speed, their respect for customers and their property, and a whole host of other factors. By the end of this process, we can be sure that you’ll trust our affiliated drivers every step of the way, because we would trust them with our own property! Besides making sure our drivers are highly skilled, we further set them up for success by sending them out in teams of two, with instructions to alternate so that each has a chance to rest. Our coordination team then provides them all the information they need to complete the delivery speedily and safely.


North American Network

Not only do we recruit drivers in every major North American city, but we find affiliated vehicles in those cities as well, and we affiliate with cargo airlines at every available airport. We have painstakingly woven together a comprehensive delivery network that closely connects us to every community on the continent, no matter how small or out of the way it is. Our vast network comes with many benefits, including flexibility; it ensures that we can take over for your standard shipping operations, regardless of what those operations involved. The network also allows us to get started on new jobs quickly. Instead of needing to drive all the way out from Springfield to where your supplies are, we’ll have a truck within two hours of those supplies, and will send it out without skipping a beat.


Constant Communication

When you entrust your goods to the AirFreight.com network, we don’t ask you to sit and wait in the dark. Rather, we give you full access to our tracking information, as well as to our team of coordination experts, who will be happy to answer any questions you ask without hesitation. If you want to know the location and remaining delivery time, we’ll tell you immediately; if you want to stay apprised of any delays, we’ll let you know whenever they arise; and if you’re curious about an additional order, we’ll give you the details. No matter what, you can count on us to keep you apprised.

To learn more about air freight solutions in Springfield and across western Massachusetts, give us a call today at (800) 713-1000 or visit us online at AirFreight.com.

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