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Known as “the Heart of Cajun Country,” Lafayette is a major hub within the Bayou State.

This town anchors a metropolitan area of more than 600,000 people, providing critical health, education, and entertainment services to customers all over the region. AirFreight.com makes sure that Lafayette businesses have the supplies they need to meet this demand, bolstering the economy locally and across southern Louisiana.

Scheduled & Chartered Air Cargo Services in Lafayette, Louisiana

Air Freight Lafayette Of all the services that Lafayette provides, the most important is healthcare. Lafayette General Surgical Hospital, the Heart Hospital of Lafayette, Lafayette General Southwest, and other medical facilities provide critical care to patients from diverse parts of Louisiana. And like all healthcare facilities, these centers need equipment and medications on a regular basis, which are often available only from distant locations. With lives literally at stake, Lafayette’s health firms cannot wait for trucks and vans to slowly deliver their supplies from the other side of the country. They thus need overnight air freight companies to supplement ground transportation or even to take over their supply lines.

AirFreight.com has a long history of serving Lafayette, providing air cargo services both to the city’s hospitals and to all local businesses. We operate in Lafayette proper, New Iberia, Lake Arthur, Broussard, Baton Rouge, and Alexandria, providing cargo flights both into and out of these locations. And because we have access to a vast shipping network that runs through cities all over the US and Canada, we can connect these communities to every variety of supplier.

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In addition to a vast service network, AirFreight.com offers a myriad of other benefits to clients in the Lafayette area, including:

  • Scheduled & Chartered Deliveries - AirFreight.com has close connections to all trusted airlines in the region, and can schedule you service on any standard flight. But say that there is no standard flight that will serve your needs within the deadline you have set? In this situation, we will charter a new flight just for your order, allowing you to dictate the schedule.
  • Safe & Swift Solutions - Lafayette clients have to have their orders arrive on time, but they cannot allow this need for speed to get in the way of safety. We balance safety with speed by working with airlines that have a reputation for both. We also make sure that the airlines we select have the expertise to ship perishable or delicate items safely, so that no matter how unique your cargo is, they will be able to carry it.
  • Planning, Tracking, & Correcting - Not only do we plan each delivery carefully, but we use sophisticated monitoring equipment to make sure your flight keeps to our plan. If it doesn’t, we'll be able to respond quickly and minimize delays. Say that your cargo flight has to make a connection, but gets so delayed that there's no way it can arrive in time. We can charter a new connecting flight that will be ready to go as soon as the first one arrives.

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To learn more about air freight carrier services in the Lafayette area, contact AirFreight.com today at (225) 302-8811.

Call (225) 302-8811