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The Bastion Of Baton Rouge: Air Freight Service Baton Rouge.

Known as the Red Stick or BR, Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and the home of 220,000 people. The city is also an economic powerhouse, combining a low cost of living, a large number of universities, and a vast array of industrious businesses all in one urban area. Companies as distinct as Shaw Construction, Dow Chemical, and Raleigh Studios have all established key operations here. The city is also home to an emerging medical corridor responsible for some of the most important research in modern medicine, as well as an inland port that accommodates a wide variety of international trading vessels. 

Air Freight Service Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge is unique for combining such a vast and varied array of industries into what is at most a midsized city. This is a benefit to the local population in that it provides ample jobs and wealth for everyone, but it also comes with some challenges. Cities of 220,000 don’t usually have the infrastructure to keep up with the supply needs of so many businesses, and while Baton Rouge suppliers have done their best to stay ahead of the city’s logistics demands, it hasn’t always been enough.

Local businesses thus have to contend with frequent delays, as suppliers block one another in their dueling efforts to use the local roadways. Even a slight delay can cost thousands of dollars in industries like these, making it essential for businesses to have a plan for resolving delivery issues.

Air Freight Baton Rouge

AirFreight.com takes care of those delivery issues. We’re an expedited shipper who has served Baton Rouge and all of Louisiana for more than a decade. We’re familiar with the city, its size, its infrastructure, and its unique and eclectic mix of businesses.

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We know how to resolve all of Baton Rouge’s logistics problems, including:

  • Traffic Jams— As noted, traffic jams are par for the course in a city where supply needs are so disproportionate to size. AirFreight.com can easily avoid such jams when we coordinate your deliveries. We know Baton Rouge like the back of our own hands, and are thoroughly familiar with traffic patterns in the area. Whenever we need to get into the city, we’ll immediately know the best possible route to take for the particular time of day when we’re entering. We can thus skate around traffic and into Baton Rouge at high speed, getting you your items on or ahead of schedule.
  • Road Closures— Knowledge of Baton Rouge’s roadways is only valuable for as long as that knowledge is current. If something changes— say, a road gets closed for maintenance or becomes impassable due to storms or potholes— it’s important to learn about those changes immediately and incorporate them into shipping plans. AirFreight.com does just this. Whenever we coordinate a shipment into Baton Rouge, we review all the latest data on road quality, road maintenance, weather patterns, and anything else that informs us of the condition and navigability of the roads. We’ll plot around any blockages, closures, or other issues and keep your supplies on a swift and secure route to your destination.
  • Unreasonable Demands— Every successful business has been in this situation at least once: you get an order from an extremely important client demanding that you make them something customized or in high volume much sooner than you’d typically be able to make it. Because they’re such a big client, you can’t just turn them down; but if you don’t already have the necessary supplies on hand, meeting their demands may seem infeasible. The way to square this circle and satisfy unreasonable clients is to ship in some emergency supplies— but that may require covering thousands of miles in a matter of hours. AirFreight.com can cover this distance with little or no notice. We have airline affiliates in every major city in North America, meaning that regardless of the location of your supplies, we’ll be able to get them on a flight to Baton Rouge without hesitation.
  • Delivery Disruptions— Even under business as usual, with the roads clear and your clients making normal demands, you can still run short of supplies if some unexpected issue arises that prevents your supplier from getting to you on schedule. Unfortunately, these unexpected issues can also affect emergency orders, which is why AirFreight.com takes pains to avoid them when coordinating our services. Not only do we plan deliveries so as to minimize the risks of running into one of these problems, but we also outfit all our affiliated trucks and flights with precise tracking equipment. That equipment gives us regular updates on the location of all the orders we’re delivering. By triangulating this data with weather, traffic, and accident reports, we can make sure that the route ahead of your supplies is clear. If it’s not, we’ll take quick, decisive action, whether that means diverting your truck onto a different road; chartering a new flight to make up for your scheduled one; or choosing a new chain of connecting flights when a prior connection failed. By responding quickly, we stay ahead of the unexpected and ensure speedy deliveries for all of our clients.

AirFreight.com | Baton Rouge, LA

Air Freight Baton Rouge, LA

With so much business centered in or passing through here, it’s no wonder that Baton Rouge has stood the test of time as the economic as well as political core of Louisiana.

Don’t let your business supplies run dry. To learn more about our air freight Baton Rouge services, dial (800) 713-1000 or visit us online at AirFreight.com.

Call (800) 713-1000