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Air Freight
Evansville, IN
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Air Freight Evansville

Expeditions To Evansville: Air Freight Evansville Solutions Catered To Your Business

Located in southern Indiana near the Kentucky and Illinois borders, Evansville anchors a tri-state metro area of more than 350,000 people. The town is a critical center of interstate commerce, an economic role that has brought prosperity and attention for more than two centuries. Businesses of every stripe, from food processors like Mead Johnson & Company to pharma companies like Bristol-Myers Squibb to energy producers like Peabody Energy to automakers like Toyota, all keep key facilities here. 

Air Freight Evansville Indiana

Air Freight Service Evansville

Evansville welcomes these and other businesses, providing the infrastructure, incentives, and skilled workers they need to profit. In return, these companies provide jobs, investment, and tax revenue so that the entire region can prosper.

AirFreight.com is a key player in this beneficial exchange. By providing emergency shipping services to Evansville area businesses, we ensure that all companies operating here have access to the inputs they need for continuous production, no matter what obstacles arise in the way. Any city that ties together three states is going to have to deal with serious traffic problems, as commuters and suppliers from each state regularly move in and out of the others. This is always a challenge, but it’s particularly tough when that city houses so many innovative, productive industries, as Evansville does.

Air Freight Evansville IN

Delivery Issues

AirFreight.com ensures that no amount of congestion gets in the way of your supply needs. We’re well aware of the delivery issues plaguing Evansville; we also have experience serving other communities in southern Indiana, as well as Owensboro, Kentucky and other towns across state lines.

Evansville's businesses can’t just get their supplies from anywhere, on whatever timeline will do; they need highly specific items from particular places, and those items have to arrive in time to meet strict production schedules. The last thing that businesses with these supply needs need is interstate traffic congestion.

AirFreight.com | Evansville, Indiana

We’ve come up with a proven strategy to keep all these towns supplied and successful, which consists of the following steps:

Air Freight Indiana

Plan Ahead

Expedited deliveries are only as successful as the planning process used to coordinate them. For this reason, we take great pains to plan each of our deliveries in extensive detail. The moment you inform us of your needs and of where your supplies will be coming from, we review all the possible air and land routes connecting that point to Evansville. We review them based on the likelihood of traffic jams, road damage, storms, and anything else that might block our affiliated trucks; if your items are coming by air, we also consider air traffic and airport maintenance. We compare all these factors and balance them together, choosing the route where your delivery is least likely to be disrupted. We’ll then give careful instructions to our affiliated drivers and airlines, making sure that they follow this route to the letter.

Evansville Shipping

Stay Flexible

While our plans are robust enough to ensure quick deliveries on most orders, there’s always a risk that the unexpected will disrupt them. Thus, we keep each of the alternative routes we considered on hand, giving us the flexibility to quickly reorganize your order if an unexpected storm, jam, or other obstacle gets in its way. Using advanced tracking, we’ll watch your order while it’s en route, and should any problem arise, we’ll immediately get ahold of the driver or airline to let them know. Working closely with that driver or airline, we’ll transfer your items to an alternative road or connecting flight so that they don’t get caught up in the delay. Your items will thus continue on their way, and you can expect them at close to the original delivery time. Thanks to our flexibility and evasive action, delays are highly unlikely, and the few that do happen are tightly limited in length.

Evansville Logistics

Coordinate Comprehensively

In planning out your orders and responding to delays, AirFreight.com brings all its resources to bear at once. Should you request a delivery by air, for example, we start by finding the best possible flight or set of connecting flights from an airport near your starting point, and will schedule your item for transport on that flight. We’ll then use one of our affiliated trucks or vans to get your items over to the starting airport before the flight leaves, and will select another vehicle to travel to the receiving airport and wait for your items to land. This way, every part of the delivery is planned in full, so that you don’t have to do anything but wait for your items.

Air Freight Company Indiana

Maintain Easy Access

When coordinating multiple shipping resources, it helps to count on trucks and flights that aren’t far away from our customers’ starting points. AirFreight.com makes sure this is always the case by maintaining a capacious air and ground network. We have affiliated delivery vehicles and partner airplanes in every state of the US and Mexico, as well as every province of Canada, with drivers and vehicles stationed in major metros and other strategic locations. This arrangement means that rather than making a lengthy trip out to your items, we’ll be able to get to them in under two hours, regardless of where they are. Cutting down on the time it takes to load your items means we can more easily get them into the air or onto the quickest ground route. Thus, we cut our overall delivery times dramatically while maximizing the flexibility with which we can begin an order.

Our services function as a backstop for local businesses and for the overall economy, guaranteeing that the congestion that comes with rapid growth does not become a barrier to future prosperity. With AirFreight.com ready to deliver any item in under a day, no business has to fear that its supplies will run dry.

AirFreight.com is committed to serving Evansville and the rest of Indiana, as well as Illinois and Kentucky. To learn more about our speedy solutions, give us a call at (800) 713-1000 or visit AirFreight.com today.

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