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Air Freight
Columbus, GA
(678) 288 - 5005

Air Freight Columbus GA

Fountain City Freight: Air Freight Service Columbus And All Of Georgia Can Rely On.

Located in western Georgia just across the border from Alabama, Columbus occupies one of the most strategic locations of any city in the United States. The city neighbors Phoenix City, Auburn, and Opelika; is just a few miles north of Fort Benning; and is less than 100 miles from Atlanta. Thus, much of Georgia and Alabama’s interstate trade and industry runs through here, and countless businesses and professionals have flocked here to take advantage of that commerce. Myriad businesses, in industries as disparate as manufacturing, research and development, and military supply, have all established headquarters or major operations here.

Air Freight Columbus Georgia

Air Freight Columbus, Georgia

With all of this in one spot, Columbus is an economic dynamo, providing enduring prosperity for millions of Georgians and Alabamians. AirFreight.com is there to keep the Columbus economic engine running smoothly. As an emergency air freight service Columbus relies on, we take the pressure off its standard shippers by providing a backstop for critical deliveries. We weave together a web of trucks, vans, and airline affiliates, allowing us to ship into Columbus from any location in North America without hesitation.  However unique your supply needs may be and however little time you may have to make new shipping arrangements, we will be able to deliver your inputs with time to spare. Thanks to AirFreight.com, businesses in Columbus and throughout the region can continue to produce at full capacity.

Air Cargo Columbus Georgia

Shipping Challenges

Shipping is never simple for a border town, particularly for one as large and dynamic as Columbus. When interstate trade all converges on the same city, there’s bound to be frequent congestion, particularly when that trade relies on roads from two different states with two different infrastructure policies.

Add in the sheer volume of goods required to supply a city like Columbus, with a population of 200,000 and myriad heavy industries, and standard shipping strategies are bound to fall short every once in a while.

But given that Columbus businesses often work on such tight schedules, even a minor shortfall can produce serious problems. It is absolutely essential, then, that companies in this region have a logistics backup plan.

AirFreight.com | Columbus, Georgia

We have a good sense of how to deal with the most serious shipping issues facing these communities, including:


Traffic Jams

Ground shipments frequently become derailed by traffic congestion, and the closer you get to Columbus proper, the worse that congestion becomes. Even if you’re shipping by air, you still have to get into the city from the airport, and that often involves driving through the busiest roads in the region. AirFreight.com keeps these traffic issues to a minimum by studying all the roads in the Columbus region extensively. We pay close attention to traffic patterns throughout the year so that we’ll know the best time to travel over any particular road. We then plan our shipments in accordance with this knowledge, choosing the best possible road for the specific time of day or night when we’ll be traveling, so that your items never get caught in traffic.

private jet in the air

Bad Weather

Weather can be a a barrier to both air and ground shipments. In the air, storms and freezing temperatures can slow down a plane, prevent it from landing, or even force it to turn back toward the starting airport. On the ground, bad weather can make roads slower, more dangerous, or wholly impassable. We minimize these and all other weather problems by paying close attention to the forecasts for every route we take. We plan deliveries so as to minimize the risk that our vehicles will run into bad weather, as well as to ensure that when they do, that weather is as mild as possible. Thus, you’ll never be short on supplies because a storm blew in at the wrong time.


Unexpected Delays

Although we plan around traffic and weather issues as deftly as possible, we also recognize that there’s only so much you can do to predict these problems. Sometimes, a storm will blow in or a road will get clogged unexpectedly, and when this happens, it’s important to respond quickly. AirFreight.com keeps track of all our affiliated trucks and flights whenever they’re en route, using advanced monitoring tech to identify the position of your shipment at each moment. Our team then watches reports for the rest of the route so we’ll know immediately when a storm, jam, or other problem arises. We can then respond accordingly, whether that means directing your driver to a new route in a ground shipment or switching your items over to a different connecting flight on an air shipment. We even have the ability to charter new flights, which we can use to keep your items in the air should your scheduled flight to Columbus be canceled.


Anxiety and Uncertainty

While you’re waiting for your emergency shipment to make it to Columbus, it’s natural to feel anxious about the journey. We do our best to ease your anxiety by providing a single source of contact for information on your order. When you call our centralized office, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and update you on your shipment’s progress. We will even share our tracking data with you so that you know the precise location of your items and how much time remains until they are delivered. This way, you’ll be armed with all the information you need to plan out your operations, adjust expectations, and put your goods to use the moment they arrive.

AirFreight.com is your backup plan. We’ve spent more than a decade serving Columbus, along with other southwest Georgia cities like Macon and Albany as well as communities just across the Alabama border like Dothan and Opelika.

With coverage in major cities across North America, we can fly your goods to Atlanta from any starting point or from Atlanta to any destination. To learn more or get a free quote, contact AirFreight.com at (800) 713-1000.

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