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Air Freight
Augusta, GA
(678) 288 - 5005

Air Freight Augusta

Air Freight Service Augusta: Speedy Air & Ground Deliveries For Georgia's Second City

Located just west of the South Carolina border, Augusta is the bridge between two states as well as Georgia’s Second City. The town is known throughout the United States for The Masters golf tournament, an event that brings enormous interest, investment, and tourist revenue every spring. But Augusta’s importance goes far beyond the athletic. The city is a center of everything from biotechnology development to heavy manufacturing to nationwide distribution. Businesses as diverse as Halocarbon, NutraSweet, Kimberley Clark, Kellogg's, John Deere, and Automatic Data Processing have all placed important operations here, where they produce at full capacity and keep all of Georgia prosperous.

Air Freight Augusta Georgia

Air Freight Service Augusta, Georgia

AirFreight.com joins in this cycle of production and prosperity. As an air freight Augusta broker, we provide speedy deliveries into the city whenever local businesses are struggling to get their supplies. We’re well aware of the supply problems that arise in Augusta, but have assembled an array of resources and set of strategies to deal with each of them. Between our massive network of airline affiliates and our enormous web of coordinated trucking resources, we can ship to Augusta from any point on the continent in a matter of hours. No matter their physical distance, your supplies are never far away when AirFreight.com is on your side.

Air Freight Augusta GA

The Art of Logistics

Logistics is both art and science. Any Augusta company worth its salt knows this from the hundreds of hours they’ve spent planning out shipping operations from myriad supply points throughout the country. If done right, such plans require extreme attention to the technical details of transit; neither weather nor traffic nor road quality nor speed limits can be ignored when putting together an effective plan. But along with these technical details, you also must have a creative approach to solving problems and getting out of shipping quagmires. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to respond quickly if your original shipping route doesn’t work out.

AirFreight.com specializes in these quick, creative responses. As an emergency freight expert serving Augusta and all of Georgia, we’ve seen how even the most detailed plans can run into trouble in this region. When this happens, our team springs into action, coordinating a quick delivery by air &/or ground to make up for the disruption.

AirFreight.com | Augusta, Georgia

We can ship to Augusta from any point in North America in a matter of hours due to our:

Augusta Air Cargo

Path Planning

AirFreight.com takes the science part of logistics seriously. Whether our route is in the air or entirely on the ground, we leave no stone unturned studying it and making sure it’s as speedy and secure as possible. We weigh each possible factor that affects delivery speed, from the physical length of that route to airport traffic to road traffic to storms to maintenance work to prevailing winds. At the end of the process, we select the route that provides the best possible balance of all factors, so that your items will move quickly and will face minimal risk of delay from any human or natural obstacle. Thanks to this planning, you don’t need to worry about disruption, no matter where your items are coming from.

Augusta Hot Shot Trucking

Quick Starts

Besides minimizing disruption along the route, AirFreight.com also makes sure we’re able to spring into action quickly. To that end, we’ve assembled a network of affiliated airlines that stretches throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada. We can make air deliveries out of virtually any cargo airport, eliminating the need to spend hours and hours driving your goods out to a major hub. Once we’ve selected an airport, we’ll schedule your items on the earliest and most expedient flight to Augusta. If there is no direct flight to Augusta within your timeframe, we’ll schedule it on the shortest set of connecting flights available. No matter what, we’ll have your items to you with time to spare.

Augusta Air Charter

Charter Services

Sometimes, there’s no scheduled flight or chain of connecting flights that will get your items to you when you need them. AirFreight.com responds to this not by asking you to expect less, but by chartering a new flight just for you. Our air charters are available to go whenever you need them, and won’t carry anyone’s goods but yours. That allows them to fly directly to Augusta, ensuring that your goods arrive as quickly as it is physically possible to get them here. Our air charter services also come in handy if your items are traveling on a chain of scheduled connecting flights but one of those flights gets canceled. We’ll respond immediately by chartering a new flight that fills in the gap so your supplies don’t miss their connection.

Augusta Trucking

Truck Coordination

Besides airline affiliates, we also have access to a massive web of affiliated trucks and other delivery vehicles through our sister companies HotShotTrucking.com and SameDayDelivery.com These ground vehicles are also stationed throughout North America, no more than two hours’ drive to any starting point you’re likely to have. While these trucks can make deliveries on their own, they also coordinate with our airline services. When you place an order, we’ll send the closest truck to load them up and bring them to the airport; we’ll then schedule or charter a flight from that airport to Augusta, and will have another truck waiting at the Augusta airport to take them to your destination. Thus, from start to finish, we coordinate every part of the delivery, so all you need to do is wait.

Augusta Shipping

Shipment Tracking

While your truck or flight is on its way, we track its position precisely. This allows us to respond quickly whenever an unexpected obstacle arises. It also means that we can give you updates on your orders’ location and remaining travel time whenever you’d like to know.

Augusta Georgia Air Cargo

Contact Us Today

AirFreight.com keeps Augusta and all of Georgia fully supplied and primed for further prosperity. To learn more about our air and ground services or obtain a free quote, give AirFreight.com a call today at (800) 713-1000.

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