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Air Freight
Oxnard, CA
(323) 648 - 3500

Air Freight Oxnard

Agricultural industries in Oxnard look for air cargo solutions.

In the city of Oxnard, agricultural and agribusinesses dominant the top market sectors, with retail and manufacturing as additional industries. With these companies, they are looking for expedited freight Oxnard solutions to get their palletized freight, equipment, components and machinery to destinations across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Here at Air Freight, we provide the air cargo solutions that are perfect for B2B freight shipments. Whenever a shipment has to reach a commercial destination that same day or overnight, we provide the logistical strategies to get it there in the quickest time possible while keeping the shipment safe in our capable hands.

Air Freight Oxnard California

Air Expedited Delivery Oxnard

When it comes to the agricultural industry, farms, processing facilities and other agribusinesses need products and equipment for their operations. Yet there will always be times when a late shipment, emergency freight, or time sensitive cargo needs to be shipped out immediately. This freight simply can't wait for regular supply chain processes, or the shipment may need to be delivered later that same day or overnight.

Hot Shot Trucking Oxnard

Logistical Hurdles

Air Freight understands the logistical hurdles that companies face when surprise shipments appear or when replacement equipment needs to be moved due to a mechanical failure in operations. Our expedited freight company offers cost effective and fast transportation options for companies in a wide range of industries including automotive, energy, electronics, and aerospace. 

Air Freight Solutions for B2B Customers

Air Freight Solutions for B2B Customers

Every company has different transportation needs and should never be locked into selecting only one available option. Here at Air Freight, we provide a range of logistical choices as customers can select the ones that best fit into their supply chain schedules, delivery deadlines, shipment destinations and budgets. We are open around the clock to take transportation orders, as our agents will become the single point of contact to handle all of the customer's details.

AirFreight.com | Oxnard, Florida

Available options include:

Air Charter Oxnard

Booked Air Charter

This premium solution is the fastest transportation option that we offer. We hire a private cargo plane to fly out the customer's freight immediately. The plane will be for exclusive use, as only the customer's shipment will make the trip. Once arriving, our dedicated driver will be waiting to pick up the shipment and take it to the destination. A booked air charter flight is ideal for time sensitive freight, time critical freight and emergency shipments that must arrive that same day or overnight.

Air Cargo Oxnard

Scheduled Air Cargo

Our scheduled air cargo options are ideal for customers who still need fast service while having tight budgets and a bit more leeway with deadlines. We will place the freight on a scheduled air flight with other consolidated shipments as it will arrive at the destination. Shipments can arrive that same day, overnight or the next day depending on the distance and flight schedule.

Hot Shot Trucking Florida

Trusted Point-to-Point Ground Transportation

At our expedited freight company Oxnard, we handle all of the transportation details. Our drivers will pick up the freight to deliver it to the airport, and make the final last mile delivery when the plane lands at the destination airport. Our drivers will even make airport-to-airport deliveries if there is a layover with the flight and the shipment must be taken to another plane carrier. If air transportation is not an option for your company, we offer full hot shot trucking services as customers gain access to a wide range of vehicles for exclusive use.

Express Shipping Broker Services from Air Freight

Express Shipping Broker Services from Air Freight

We can make deliveries to and from Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and Santa Barbara. Simply inform us about the location of the shipment and its destination. We will get it anywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Contact Air Freight today if you have a shipment that must get to a commercial destination that same day, overnight or the next day. No matter the distance, Air Freight will make the B2B delivery.

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