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Journey To Jonesboro: Expedited Freight Jonesboro To Keep Your Company Full Supplied

“People, Pride, Progress”. That’s Jonesboro’s town motto, and it sums up well what has made this city great.

Jonesboro has always invested in its people, and has a highly skilled population who take pride in investing their skills back in their community. This has allowed the town to make steady progress on all fronts, notably by attracting a wealth of businesses from some of the country’s most innovative industries. Manufacturers, food producers, commercial interests, and countless other companies make Jonesboro their home or a major point of production.

Expedited Delivery Jonesboro

For all Jonesboro’s success, it’s had its share of problems, especially when it comes to logistics. Located in Craighead County near the borders with Missouri & Tennessee, Jonesboro gets a heavy share of interstate traffic, leading to congestion during busier times of the day. Moreover, Jonesboro’s own businesses need to use the road, often so that they can ship in goods from states and provinces at the other end of the continent. And because so many of these companies operate in competitive fields with tight schedules, they can’t afford even a minor delay.

AirFreight.com keeps delays to a minimum and delivery speed to a maximum.

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We’re always at the ready to complete a shipment, bringing to bear our:

  • Vehicle Network— We station vehicles in major states and provinces all over Mexico, Canada, and the rest of the United States. Our fleet is so widespread that we’re likely to have at least one vehicle, and often a selection, no more than two hours from your starting point, wherever that point might be. The moment we receive your order, we’ll find the closest vehicles and assign one to you. We’re a dedicated shipping company, meaning that once we designate the vehicle to carry your goods, it won’t carry anyone else’s until your order is complete. And because we have a range of vehicles with varying payload capacities, we can select one that closely matches the size of your order and spare you from paying for extra space.
  • Driving Team— To complement our widespread network of vehicles, we have assembled a network of quality drivers that is equally widespread. We carefully vet drivers in each community we ship from, taking account of their skills, their work ethic, and their history delivering swiftly and safely. Once we’ve recruited a driver, we keep in regular contact with them so that they’re always ready to start a delivery when we need them to. Our drivers have extensive local knowledge of their communities, ensuring that they’ll easily find the fastest route to your starting point and can load up your goods as soon as the speed limit allows.
  • Route Planning— Once our drivers have loaded your goods, we send them on a route that we have planned in minute detail. We compare different possible paths to your destination based on physical distance, weather forecasts, traffic patterns, and road quality, among other factors. Through careful study, we identify the route where our drivers are least likely to run into trouble. We then instruct the drivers in detail on how to follow this route, and stay in contact with them to make sure they know every step of the way. This ensures that each delivery is completed at top speed and with little chance of delay.
  • Backup Tracking— Even the best plans are vulnerable to unforeseeable problems, but AirFreight.com has found a way to insulate against the unknown. We invest in the best tracking equipment on the modern market, which we attach to each of our trucks. This allows us to monitor the trucks while they’re on their way, and to keep an eye on the road ahead. Should a storm, traffic jam, road closure, or other problem suddenly block our route, we’ll know long before the truck gets there, and can let the drivers know ahead of time. We’ll guide the drivers onto an alternate route, keeping your shipment on schedule.
  • Dual Driving— For longer deliveries, we assign our skilled drivers in teams of two. The drivers take turns at the wheel on an equitable basis, so that each has a chance to spend half the journey resting. This ensures that our drivers are fully alert and that we don’t need to stop overnight.

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Air Freight Jonsesboro AirFreight.com strives to keep the companies coming and business booming in Jonesboro and throughout the surrounding area. We specialize in shipping emergency orders on short notice, for clients whose ordinary supply lines fell through. By combining planning & foresight with a vast array of shipping resources, we’re able to deliver rapidly & reliably under all circumstances, so you never have to fear missing a critical shipment.

To learn more about expedited delivery Jonesboro or place an order, contact AirFreight.com at (800) 713-1000.